Buying Guide: How to choose your backup battery / Powerbank?

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Do you have an interview or an important appointment? Your train is late and your smartphone is about to give up? You must quickly prevent your delay … and here is the tragedy: a terrible battery failure falls on you! To overcome this situation, there is indeed a solution: the powerbank. Click here for buy power bank singapore.

What is a powerbank?

This is a universal external battery that extends the life of all electrical devices with a lithium battery and a USB port (mobile phones, tablets, game consoles, etc.). However, there are different types for various uses. Some will only charge a smartphone; others will be able to charge a tablet or a laptop. The capacity to charge a device in milliamperes per hour (maH) is measured: the higher the number, the more the battery will be able to recharge – entirely or not – a device, according to the capacity of its internal battery. Visit this site for buy power bank singapore.

buy power bank singaporeThings to consider while buying

Before you start buying a powerbank, check the power of the internal battery of the device you want to recharge as you wish. For example, if you want to buy an external battery for your tablet, it is good to know that per day, it consumes about 12 000 maH. So, to ensure a total recharge of the device, it would be necessary that the chosen powerbank has, ideally, a capacity of 15 000 maH. Small advice: always take the margin in terms of power compared to what would require your device; the figures are often “rounded” and not very faithful to reality. In addition, if you want more comfort, and provide two backups for your tablet, you can double the capacity in mAH.

Other things to consider

  • Go for a reliable brand
  • Review the user feedbacks of different power banks
  • The outer layer of the power bank has to be strong enough to prevent physical damages

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