5 Amazing Photography Applications for the Photographer in You

9 apps provide a great platform for downloading free apps which are otherwise premium and paid for higher amounts of money. 9apps fast download enables the users to get those apps very fast and thereby increasing the efficiency of whole process. Photography is the talent everyone has. Nowadays, phones are equipped with such beautiful lenses and cameras that one can click great pictures on phone. Various editing apps are also available here on 9 apps. Some of them are as follows:

  1. Video Maker – With Photo And Music:

This enables to create a slideshow and to have a gap of few seconds between 2 photos. This also involves slide timings, music and overall background effects. One can click photo as well as select from the gallery to add effects of animations and detailing there. One can arrange things in a beautiful order and can have amazing backgrounds. Different frames can be added and editing can be done and various music and songs can be added to the unlimited amount of photos selected.

  1. Police Photo Suit 2019- Women And Men Police Suit:

This is a complete package of editing and has Hdquality police backgrounds, images and stickers like caps, weapons, bikes, etc. This is termed as best app to provide handsome and beautiful uniforms and images of policemen and women. This is a user friendly app and helps to have a large number of effects like police face filters, colour schemes, hairstyles, etc.

  1. PicsartPhoto- Collage Maker And Photo Editor:

This gives access to a number of frames, images, stickers, etc.  The collage maker provides a large number of templates, frames etc. This also helps to make grid images. The photo editor helps to make out cut outs, crop, stretch, etc. of photos and helps to have an adjustable efficiency. The app also provides access to stickers and remixing various own photos as well. There is another feature called draw and camera which provides access to tools like brushes, stickers and other effects. Various contests are also undertaken on the app, winners of which are provided with new tricks about editing.

  1. Waterfall Editor- Waterfall Frames:

This has amazing waterfall frames, stickers and layouts. These are natural beauty and are located on hilly areas. First of all picture is selected and then unwanted area is cropped, then background is removed so that the waterfall background may be added in place of that. Drag and zoom in zoom out features can be used in order to have easy access and increased efficiency. Also various colour effects can be added to make the image much more beautiful.

  1. Age Face- Make Me Old

The app helps to have a look at the old age face of a person just by uploading a present picture. This is released in 2019 only and is quite trending as more people are curious to know about their old age faces and it is a quite addictive app. The app is just 23.8 M.

If one wants to edit pictures professionally, then one needs to download such apps from 9apps official website that too free of cost.