Video Games and Cannabis

There is a strong relationship between Video Games and Cannabis. Many people are reporting that when you are high the experience is enhanced and you can also focus and get into the gaming adventure for endless hours.

Cannabis helps to increase our minds’ openness by filling us with a sense of wonder for our surroundings. This exploratory euphoria of Cannabis is helpful in video games where our attention is directed at an environment that is typically entirely new for us. The sense of being in a simulated world seems fascinating and makes cannabis and gaming a nice pair.


Many games require that the player must be focused on a goal or follow a small object or avoid several treats around you and all those need your attention. There are also varieties of Cannabis that boost the gaming abilities.  But there is a big debate whether cannabis makes you a better player or not. Many users report that when they use their bongs they increase their ability to focus on a single aspect of a game so they can repeat easily a task until they succeed.


The Groningen Mental Enhancement Department in the Netherlands recently conducted a one-year study to see how video games and Cannabis can affect the brains of people with Alzheimer’s. In the study test subjects played increasingly challenging games each day. The results showed that the marijuana test group scored 43 percent better memory retention.

Creative Thinking/Problem Solving:

It is said that Cannabis makes the human brains create relationships between ideas and that increases our  creative problem-solving abilities. People tend to be more creative and unleash their imagination easily when we’re stoned.

It is widely implied that marijuana is being used to enhance gaming performance and sharpen mental focus before a match. We could assume that the majority of video gamers accept that cannabis helps them play better.

There are even games like GTA 5 where you can start cannabis business and your own farm.

For many, video games provide an escape from the mundane reality of day-to-day life. video games provide a feeling of control. In the virtual world, you can be whomever or whatever you like. The “stoned gamer” stereotype is actually not that far off. That’s because cannabis and video games complement each other in many ways.