The Alternative Music of the Age Now Available to You

For amateurs who cannot differentiate or find the different styles of music, we will make it easier for you today by explaining one of these different genres, alternative music.

The Style That You will Generally find

It is not catalogued in a particular style of music but musically inspired other genres without being locked in the specific standards of the latter. For example, it may be similar to pop or completely different. With alternative music, artists advocate a certain amount of freedom and disregard for the music industry and its system, which is often seen as promoting marketing over the content and message delivered. In the end, alternative music does not have a single fixed form: it remains classifiable, free and multiple. In this music blog you will know the best of it.

The country has for several years held the European record for the number of music festivals per capita. Every town, every field, every village square, and even every schoolyard is now a potential playground for musicians. Faced with the rise of this phenomenon, some do not hesitate to evoke a “festivalisation” of culture or at least live music, that younger people consume more and more bulimic way.

  • The choice criterion is no longer necessarily the artist, but the overall offer, the general atmosphere, and even the identity of the festivals that have every interest in specializing in order to succeed. In this superabundant offer, so find everything, expensive big machines, family gatherings, sharp programming and of course multi-genre festivities. Because the festival is not only an ode to music and party, it is also a marketing tool, a political instrument, a weapon of social demand, and above all a rolling business.

To help you find yourself in this army of festivities, let it Sound offers throughout the week a small classification by festival-goer profile. This Friday, the “indie music lover” or more widely, the alternative music fan.

The independent music lover

What is the common point between a Bosnian accordionist, a German brass band and a Brazilian post-rock band? The festival of Dour, which offers by far the most beautiful reservoir of discoveries of the summer. The programming is plethoric – over 230 groups over five days and has the merit of limiting the headliners (MIA, Die Antwoord, Justice, NAS) to afford groups that cannot be found anywhere else (Group Doueh and Hair, DO, Pack, Sevdaliza) while inviting big names of the electronic music (Carl Craig, Jon Hopkins, Solomun, Dixon and Tale Of Us which happen all on Sunday, July 16th).

On the form, so difficult to find a coherence

The seven scenes installed on the Plain of the fire engine will see mid-July artists from all possible musical horizons imaginable. On the merits, however, we see that the consistency comes from the freshness that emerges from the set and true risk-taking programmers who have managed to give each scene a specific identity while barding festival-goers.

Kind of alternative Flemish in Dour, the Pukkelpop has evolved in recent years, to offer more and more large machines (Cypress Hill, Mumford, and Sons) and fewer and fewer discoveries (ABRA, Fakear, Cocaine Piss). This does not stop to find exciting artists like Ty Segall, PJ Harvey, Stormzy, Omar Souleyman and the Kalkbrenner brothers. In a diametrically opposite genre, “Deep in the woods” will propose in September, sharp artists in the middle of the woods.

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