Brain Teasers: A Tonic to the Brain

Posted On By Leen Bakker
brain teasers

Have you ever experienced this feeling that a brain teaser kept on hogging your mind throughout the day? Well, if you have had an inclination towards getting involved into mind challenging puzzles and teasers every now and then you certainly know how it feels. It keeps engrossed, aimed, motivated and excited all the time unless you find a solution to it. And well, that makes you sharper, smarter towards the problems in your life. The brain teasers are fun ways of giving a rational way of thinking to your mind. There are different types of brain teasers and various levels of difficulties attached to these brain teasers that maintain the interest levels of different people from all across the world.

Here are some reasons that you should get involved into practicing and resolving more and more brain teasers to benefit your brains:

  1. brain teasersBoosts the activity levels of your brain:

When you try to solve a brain teaser you tend to get involved into a lot of activities of mind. Your mind becomes active towards finding the solution in various ways. For that phase of time, you tend to feel energetic, happy and thus all the negative and sluggish thoughts convert into positive mind energetic thoughts. Also we try to coordinate our thoughts with each other so that we can knit a web to trap the solution in our mind. Therefore, it is an amazing productive activity to play some brain teaser games or activities.

  1. Helps in dealing with depression:

As mentioned above, there are different levels of brain teaser questions. While some are simple, others are really difficult too. Let us connect it with the problem of depression. Depression generally occurs when we feel isolated and left out with our problems for a long period of time. The positive energy of the mind starts draining and we find lack of interest in everything around us. It can be with or without a reason too. But if we keep ourselves involved in some or the other brain teasers or brain games, we tend to throw a challenge to our mind. There is less time to feel lonely or isolated. At the same time, when we solve the problem we get a sense of achievement. When we do it in a group, we get the appreciation as well which is very much important for boosting the morale and overall mood of mind. Thus, we must consciously, time to time, involve ourselves as well as our children into solving some or the other brain teasers.

  1. Increases the retaining power of the memory:

It is a self explanatory point. As we try to resolve any problem, we tend to recollect all the facts as mentioned in the problem. We try to make a connection of various facts with each other and thus need to remember those connections too. This practice is actively useful in boosting the retaining power of the brain. if you feel that your forgetfulness is increasing day by day, you must resort into some interesting brain teaser activities.

There are various sources to find relevant and interesting brain teasers. You can buy books or download games or apps too that provide various brain teasers along with their answers. Internet is the best medium to find brain teasers and you can even share them on social media with your friends to make it more fun.

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