Can Nebulization Treatment be done at Home?

Those who have acute respiratory problems often have to undergo extensive treatments to cure the illness and it is of utmost importance that they stay is a clean and hygienic environment to prevent the intake of dust particles as much as possible. Respiratory treatments, or nebulization, as it is known, is a very specific kind of treatment and often includes therapy along with medication. Moreover, the need for adult and pediatric nebulization is quite different but tracheostomy care can indeed be arranged at home with the help of specific care and with the help of a nurse.

What is the process of Nebulization?

It involves the process of administering medicine directly to the patient with the help of the nebulizer- a mechanism that helps the medicine to convert into mist. The medicine is then administered to the patient with the help of a breathing mask so as to prevent any contamination with outside air. This kind of treatment is mostly suitable for young patients who are suffering from asthma and other breathing problems, along with COPD. It is also referred for patients who have severe nasal and chest congestion and have trouble breathing on their own because their respiratory tract is blocked.

Few Benefits of using a Nebulizer

The mechanism of a nebulizer allows it administer medicine without any physical difficulty like swallowing pills or injections. It is administered via inhalation which gives its unique advantage. This particular method has been prescribed by doctors regularly in order to treat patients suffering from bronchitis, asthma, emphysema, cold and fever. The fact that the treatment allows for direct contact with the lungs, it results in a quick and lasting effect for the patient.

Process of using a Nebulizer:

An experienced nurse is needed who will be able to administer the medicine properly to the patient.

  • The patient must first be made to sit up straight with a proper back rest.
  • The breath sounds, pulse rates and respiratory status have to be checked by the nurse
  • Then the breathing process during the therapy has to be explained to the patient
  • The hose of the nebulizer than has to be connected to the air compressor
  • The medicine cup has then to be filled with the required medicine amount as prescribed by the doctor and with the required saline solution
  • The mouthpiece of the breathing mask then has to be connected to the medicine cup
  • The patient should be told to hold the mouthpiece firmly and inhale the mist that is being sprayed with deep and slow breaths
  • In case the nebulizer is being administered on a baby, the nurse should be able to hold the baby properly and hold the nebulizer in place for maximum effect.

It is important for the nurse in question to ensure that all the steps are being followed properly. Home nurses from Portea Home Services, have sufficient knowledge of administering medication through nebulizers and ensure that the patient is also as comfortable during their home care as much as possible. Moreover, the nurse will also know how to take proper care of the nebulizer itself as it is vital for it to function properly for best results. The machine and mouthpiece should be sanitized and made bacteria free after every use to prevent infections.

If the medicine has been administered properly through the nebulizer then the patient will feel almost immediate relief, within a matter of minutes after the therapy is over. Any tightening of the chest or wheezing sounds will be reduced and those suffering from nose or chest blockages will also feel comfort.