Furniture Arranging Mistakes You Need to Stop Making Right Now

Furniture Arranging Mistakes You Need to Stop Making Right Now

Every home is a work of art – in progress. After deciding what you want for your home and clearly defined a budget, the next thing to do is to pick the right furniture. You do your best when it comes to decorating but sometimes no matter how much thought you give, something just doesn’t feel right.

Fortunately, you can get inspiration from Interior design solutions with furniture from 1StopBedrooms but before anything, you need to know the most common furniture arranging mistakes. This way, you can get your space ready for that upgrade with very little effort.

So, here’s the list of the most common furniture arranging mistakes and Interior design solutions with furniture from 1StopBedrooms:

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Putting too much furniture

One of the most common mistakes is putting too much furniture in a room. Your goal is to get a good circulation around a room. Space should never feel too overcrowded or restricted. Putting too much furniture can actually impact the flow of the space – negatively.

To achieve an overall aesthetic appeal that is simple with plenty of space, it is crucial that you maintain a comfortable distance. For instance, from the edge of the lounge chair seat from the edge of the coffee table, it should be at least 18”. The best thing to do is to start with one piece and build around it.

Picking rug size

Rugs are a great way to create an “aha!” moment because it adds an element of sophistication and luxury. Most professionals agree that bigger is better when it comes to the rug size but it is important that you scale your rugs accordingly.

Choosing furniture sets

Matching furniture sets are structured. Your room will look like a showroom and it can be underwhelming. The best thing to do is to mix colors, textures, and styles to create a more appealing space that looks personal and thoughtfully curated.

Forgetting about easy navigation

Putting furniture should not deter movement or navigation. Many homeowners disregard navigation when placing furniture pieces. It is time that you learn more about proper placement, which is conducive to easy navigation. It is imperative that you should strive for a clear initial plan.

Pushing furniture against the wall

Many homeowners push the furniture against the wall. This is not recommended because it can create a lot of dead space in the room’s center. You need to be experimental. For instance, you should leave a few inches between the wall and the sofa to create a more open and inviting environment.

Disregarding furniture scale

When it comes to furniture, the key is scale. You need to scale the furniture according to the size of the room and look for pieces accordingly. This will ensure that you do not overwhelm the room with large pieces.

Bottom Line

Furniture arrangement is a tricky business especially if you do not have any idea but a little research can go a long way. In the end, you do not want an awkward furniture layout. If things are confusing, do not hesitate to ask for help.

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