Modern travellers – gadgets and apps

Planning a trip has never been easier. Earlier, the longer the traveler’s list of countries became, the more boarding passes, as well as hotel booking confirmations, were required, and preparations always took an eternity. Nowadays, in order not to forget anything and be on time everywhere, you need only a couple of apps in your smartphone and cheap internet in roaming. The functionality of such programs is simply impressive: from ordinary reminders to complex ticket selection systems, transfer to the hotels, booking rooms and tables in restaurants with the best terrace.

•       TripAdvisor is perhaps the most popular traveling app in the world. Cinemas, amusement parks, beaches, shops, restaurants: all the places that tourists visited before you and left their reviews and photos. The application has its own ranking system of places, and unlike many similar services, TripAdvisor ratings in most cases are trustworthy, since the statistics accumulated by the service over the long years of existence can hardly be mistaken.

•       Airbnb. This is a service that allows you to rent a house directly from the owner, bypassing realtors. Before booking, you can contact the owner and clarify all the details, see photos and a description of the accommodation, but most importantly – reviews of other guests.

•       Skyscanner is an application, with the help of which you can find cheap flights, comparing more than 700 airlines and prices in a convenient form with the ability to sort by filters.

•       KiwiTaxi is another travel booking service which works in 70 countries. You pre-order a transfer from the airport, and the driver will be waiting for you in the arrivals area with your name written on a sign. Transfer prices are quite adequate and not higher than the local taxi services.

•       Booking is the largest online hotel booking service worldwide. It is fast, reliable, with good support and bonuses for active users.

•       Couchsurfing – a service which allows finding people from all over the world, ready to host you for free.

• is a quite navigation app among travelers that works offline, providing numerous maps of any city. The app also has a simple and intuitive interface, high loading speed and good detailing: it will pave the way not only to key attractions but also to the playgrounds, local bakery, WC etc.

And be careful while staying abroad – in case something goes wrong, personal safety alert system will protect you from any danger and inform your relatives in case something is not alright. The application will send an alarm to the rescue service or your relatives.

This list of applications, although quite universal, is far from exhaustive. Pick up an app to your taste and travel with comfort!

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