Marketing Priorities Set Up by LinkedIn On The Basis Of Survey

LinkedIn is working on the marketing aspect of its platform. It has recently surveyed its members to elicit more insights into expectations, priorities etc regarding the platform. This will be important for people who are more into the professional network which cannot be found easily in other social media platforms. Following are some of the important marketing priorities for LinkedIn in 2019.

Top marketing priorities for 2019:

On the basis of survey it showed that 63 % of users want to drive more leads, 62 % users want more content related to building brand awareness, 58 % want creation of better content, 40 % want demonstration of thought leadership, 38 % want sales and marketing alignment, 36 % are into understanding of marketing ROI and 18 % want to understand how they can make better measure videos.

To Achieve on LinkedIn:

69 % of the users are into building a page following, 40 % hope to achieve master campaign manager, 36 % are into achieving optimization everything related to marketing campaigns and 25 % want to achieve more with videos and carousel ads.

Get help with LinkedIn Products:

When it comes to products or tools which the users want to explore more, 40% of them want the audience network, 39% want the matched audience option in the platform, 38% and 35% of the users want the lead generation forms and pages. Conversation tracking and sponsored content are also one of the products that 35 % and 34 % of the users want the help related to it. 32% , 28 % and 27 % of users are into getting help regarding website demographics, sales navigation and publishing platform.

For getting help related to ads, 26% are for video ads, 25% are for dynamic ads, 21% are for Sponsored In-mail and 20% are for programmatic and carousel ads. Another way to get aid is to link your LinkedIn account with twitter and Instagram account. This will also help your followers on Instagram to get connected with your linkedIn profile on too. If you are losing exposure, then you can also find many reputable firms providing LinkedIn connections, Instagram followers in cheap prices & high-quality twitter followers.

Type of marketer:

Type of the marketer was also asked in the survey according to which 48% of users are brand marketers, 44 % are content marketers, 23% tech marketers, 21% are demand generating marketers, 15% event marketers, 8% Higher ed marketers, 7% health care marketers and 18% are none of these.

Type of content:

Users were asked that which type of content they would like to seem more from the LinkedIn platform from which 69% of users went for tactical how to guides. 49% want case studies, 48% of users are into infographics, checklists and worksheets. Inspirational and productive tips were also asked by 44% and 42% of the users. Videos and interactive HTML type of content was voted by 35% and 18% of the users who were surveyed.

Spending time on LinkedIn:

Users were asked that how do they spend their time on this platform to which 75% of them said building their LinkedIn network. 49% of users spend on publishing original content, 48% spend by reaching to customers, 34% and 23% of users spend their time searching for jobs and interacting in groups.

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