What Are The Necessary Grounds To File For Annulment?

Marriage has become more of a fragile thing in the present situation, and thus there are so many divorces in the present times. This brings a mark in your married life in a significant manner. However, if your marriage is annulled, then there is a benefit that you will never be recorded to have been married. You will be a single as you were before that and the time you get married next would be the first recorded marriage that you have. To annul your marriage, there are many things you need to assure. Firstly you need to hire a proper divorce lawyer. After that, there are many grounds on the basis of which the marriage annulment can be filed.

There are different aspects which impact the accomplishment of quality in the legal division. These different things impact the realm of divorce law as well. The divorce lawyers in Gurugram can help you with the best result of marriage annulment if you are in Gurugram and have a marriage annulment problem. As a result, you will not have to be a divorcee. You can rather be a single as you were before. There are a number of grounds on the basis of which you can file the marriage annulment case. If none of these grounds is met, then the annulment can’t be filed.

The robust divorce lawyers can help you with the annulment filing process, and there are a few grounds on which they can do that. The most common grounds of annulment filing are discussed below in the content. They range from the aspects of coercion to physical impairment and more.

1) Incest or Marriage between Close Relatives: The marriage between close relatives or incest can be a major ground for annulment. It can also be held as a religious taboo in some of the religions around the world. This factor needs to be checked first for the annulment case filing.

2) Proof of Bigamy: Bigamy or polygamy is an illegal thing to carry out, and if the divorce lawyer can prove that either one of the spouses is already married then the marriage can be annulled. This is another effective method to file an annulment case.

3) Metal Incapacity or Unsound Mind: The marriage annulment can be filed on the grounds of one of the spouses being mentally unsound or due to mental incapacity. This requires a lot of mental health reports and involves a lot of mental health practitioners.

4) Fraudulent Spouse:The aspect of fraud can also be a ground to file a marriage annulment case. If either of the spouses can be proved to have been false or used false statement or facts to marry. Then the marriage can be annulled on the grounds of false or fraudulent facts.

5) Under the Age of Marriage Consent: There is a certain minimum age for marriage in all countries, and if any one of the spouses is below that particular age mark then the marriage can be filed for annulment on the grounds of underage marriage.

6) Physical Impairment: Physical impairment including the aspects of sexual impotence can also be a ground of marriage annulment. Especially when the sexual impotence of either one of the spouses is hidden before marriage, then the annulment can be filed.

7) Coercion or Marriage by Force or Threat of Force or Duress: The marriage that has been a result of forcing or threat to force is one of the major and easy annulling cases. If the force or threat to force can be proved, then the marriage can be annulled immediately.

These are the seven grounds on the basis of which the marriage can be annulled with the help of proper divorce lawyers. This can be of great advantage to you when you realize that you require annulling of the marriage.  As a result of marriage annulment, you will be a recorded single as you were and it is pretty much different from divorce.

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