How to stream the best of Telugu music

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We get you to grips with the best Telugu music offerings – arm yourself with a good music streamingapp to get started.

From the Western-Carnatic composition of ‘Inkem Inkem Inkem Kaavale’ (from the film Geetha Govindham) to the playful ‘daapankuthu’ hook in the song ‘Daari Choodu’, the year 2019 has started with more than a bang for Telugu music. ‘Tollywood’ music, as it is popularly known down South, has come a long way over the years. Lately, the genre has seen an infusion of talents from across the land, from singer Penchal Das making inroads with his unusual vocals, to lyricist Mickey J Meyer making a smashing comeback as a composer.

If you have been looking to get with the Telugu music scene for a while now, we’ve got a simple guide on how to get your hands on the best the genre has to offer:

* Know what you’re looking for.

There are several superb Telugu songs, spread across film, independent song albums, devotional music, new age rap, etc. You will know exactly what you need if you are a native Telugu speaker. But if you are not well versed with the language, you might be easily confused between Telugu songs and songs from other South Indian languages. This happens fairly often when some films are remade in different South Indian languages while retaining the same music composer – same melody, different language and lyrics! So, you must know the song title before you proceed to stream Telugu songs online.

* Pick the right online music streaming app.

Once you’ve identified the online Telugu songs you wish to listen to, you must pick the right online music streaming app to give you access to those songs. There are several music streaming apps today, but only a few offer different regional languages and genres as well. Look for leading music streaming apps that feature almost all the prominent Indian languages and have a varied song selection as well, from retro classics to present day film songs, and from obscure singers and lyricists to mainstream ones.

* Listen along or download the songs you want to play later.

Depending on the music streaming app you are hooked to, you can stream songs for a one-time listen, or keep streaming the same song over and over again on loop. Some streaming apps offer listening capability on the phone and laptop, but you must sign in or pay a monthly fee if you wish to access all of the app’s music albums, or download songs on your phone. Do go through the app’s terms of use and sign up if needed – it ensures that you have continuous access to the choicest Telugu songs online.

* Keep refreshing your playlist.

Music keeps evolving all the time, and newer styles keep emerging over the years. What you liked two years ago may not appeal to you today. It is important to keep updating your playlist to stay relevant in your tastes, and to know what’s on offer in Telugu songs online.

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