Easy Regina Windows Cleaning Tips for You

For most homeowners, cleaning Regina windows is not one of the many chores that they enjoy doing in their homes. However, there are so many advantages associated with clean windows such as offering you a clear view of the outside environment and protecting you from respiratory-related issues such as asthma. Your windows become dirty when the dirt carried by wind, snow and rain get deposited on the window panes and sides of the building. This causes an obstructed view through the window panes. The properties found in each window design can make you enjoy cleaning your windows regularly. But then there are a few tips you should master. Click here to learn more.

First, it is imperative you select a day with cool weather prior to the cleaning. During cleaning you will need to remove the panes or open the window and water may enter your home if it is raining. Again, the wind may blow all kind of mess into your home through the windows. Consult with your weather forecaster and choose a calm day to clean your Regina windows.

  1. Window Maintenance.

Over the years, uncleaned screens accumulate a lot of dirt. During the process of window cleaning, it is recommended to get off the screens from the window frame.

Utilise a soft-bristled brush to get rid of the mess, but confirm with your local municipality about the laws on disposal of debris and dirty run-off water. These laws can easily be found in car washing areas and driveways. However, the laws may vary considerably. Also, take great care when handling an aluminium frame since it may bend and face problems when trying reinstall into the frame.

  1. Ways to Clean the Sashes.

Most single and double hung windows Regina are fitted with tilt-sashes. To clean the dirt from the exterior area, open the sash and let the sashes hung freely. The panel now can be easily tilted to the interior and access the exterior glass surface for cleaning.

You can also consider getting someone to help you during the cleaning. He can hold the glass pane in place as you clean. It is also important since you will be able to close and lock the window properly. Remember your security is crucial as long as cleanliness is concerned.

For the single and double hung Regina windows without a tilt feature, you will need to lift them from their frames for cleaning. Here you will need someone to help you. The sashes can be burdensome to remove on your own. You don’t want to risk falling and breaking the glass and hurting yourself!

When it comes to casement windows Regina, cleaning is more straightforward. Open the window and use a crack to hold it to the position you can reach the sash comfortably.

Return the windows to their original position and check if they are functioning normally. This is essential since leaving them unlocked can make them an easy target for burglars.

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