4 things to do before a bikini wax

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We list the 4 things you must do for a relaxing, more comfortable bikini wax session

It’s something every woman leaves off doing till she can’t avoid it anymore: getting a bikini wax. Come holiday season, or the onset of summer when all those cute shorts and little dresses reappear from your wardrobe, and you realise that your bikini zone requires cleaning up.

But you dread getting the area waxed, because you need to book a salon appointment for it, and it really hurts. What if we told you there were ways to make it go easier and hurt less as well? Try these:

1 Exfoliate your skin.

You must take care to exfoliate your skin every time you wax. Exfoliation removes dead skin cells, dried oil and sweat on the skin’s surface, surface impurities, etc. It also makes the hair softer and easier to wax. Take care to exfoliate at least six hours before the bikini wax, using a skin scrub cream and loofah. Do not rub excessively, and pat the skin dry.

2 Apply a numbing cream or pop a painkiller.

Waxing can be distressing to a lot of women, and some women have a lower pain threshold than others. Bikini waxing, particularly, can hurt a lot because the bikini zone skin is quite thin and delicate. Here’s a pro tip for you if you fear the pain of waxing the bikini line: about 30 minutes before you wax, apply a numbing gel to the skin and allow it to soak through the skin. Do not apply anything else, and let the waxing take place. Or you can pop a painkiller one hour before waxing to numb the pain.


3 Relax.

This is true of all kinds of pain – the more you tense up, the more it hurts, whether it is a dental examination or a bikini wax. Though it seems easier said than done, you just need to relax. Yes, it is going to hurt a little bit, but if you anticipate it and tense up accordingly, it will seem to hurt more. So, just calm down and let the beautician get down to it. It is a little easier if you are using bikini wax strips on yourself, because you know how to treat your body in a way that doesn’t hurt much.

4 Use cold wax strips that moisturise the skin.

Hot wax is often used in salons because it grips the hair faster and is said to give better results than cold wax – but we disagree. You can easily get the same results with cold wax strips, and you can use the strips by yourself at home. Hot wax also tends to dry out the skin much faster. Meanwhile, the best cold wax strips are fortified with moisturisers to replenish the skin and keep it hydrated even as the waxing session is on.

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