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custom gifts

The festivities of the end of the year are always striking. After all, it is a time of fellowship, of enjoying the moments with family and friends, taking advantage of the recess period to travel and rest. For companies, while it is time to plan the investments for the next year, it is also important to highlight the value of the employees who contributed to achieve the general objectives.

At this time, it is common the distribution of custom gifts kits, as a way of thanking the dedication of the whole team during the year. However, it is valid to reinforce that the delivery of these gifts really has a significant meaning for your employees as this will increase their engagement with your business. In this way, we list some suggestions of corporate gifts, from the more traditional to items that can positively surprise the workers. Check out:

Party Kit / Food Basket

New Year and Christmas are times of much joy and unity, but also of tasty meals and desserts. Food baskets are very common solutions for business gifts, as they will be used by all employees and their families. With this type of gift, you have several options at your disposal, such as buying kits directly from suppliers or making the basket with your team. In that case, include more personalized items such as appetizers, chocolates, drinks, and other goodies.

custom gifts

Items for leisure and fun

The choice of souvenirs for your team can take vacations as inspiration. Many use this date to travel

or spend their days on the beach, so relate your gift with something that will be used at those times. It can be a beach chair and umbrella, beach towel bag, sports accessories such as game of coolbol or soccer ball. Stimulate your creativity and caprice the gifts.

Shopping Valley

Sometimes your choice of freebie does not please all the staff. Not to be in an embarrassing situation, choosing a voucher can be a great alternative. Select a department store with a wide variety of products, a value that fits your budget and let each employee make their choice. You can also purchase the custom awards there.

Service Packages and Experiences

Today, experience relies heavily on purchasing decisions. People look for more than items, they want a complete experience. And service packages often do well. For example, have you thought about offering a package that includes a nice restaurant dinner for your employees? How about a day of wellness at a spa or leisure at a farm hotel? With the internet, buying these packages is easier and you can provide a period of fun and comfort for each member of your team.

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