The Unsung Heroes: Plumbers!

Plumbing. We rarely think about it when it is working well. But even the slightest problem in the plumbing has the potential to ruin our day as well as our things. Therefore it is necessary that these problems be dealt with as soon as possible. A leaky faucet or pipe seems like a minor problem which can be solved easily by anyone at all. Especially when there is a plethora of self-help and Do It Yourself (DIY) videos and tutorials of professional plumbers telling you how to do it. However, most of the plumbers forbid people to repair anything on their own and call certified plumbers such as Sunshine Coast Plumbers as soon as they spot any problem in the plumbing. Why is it?

To Do or Not to Do

On one hand where there are professional plumbers who try to share their knowledge with everyone by making tutorials and videos on YouTube, Skillshare, and various other platforms. There are other plumbers who tell people to get professional help even when there is only a leaky faucet. Let us look at a few reasons behind this dichotomy:

  • Wrong Diagnosis of the Problem: Most of the time a leak is nothing more than a caulking problem. A fresh coat of caulk can end the problem. However, if an inexperienced person tries to apply the fresh coat of caulk they may not do it properly and the leakage may continue undetected. This extended period of time during which the leakage continues can cause severe damage to the subfloor and may even lead to its collapse. This leakage can also cause molds throughout the house. Had professional help been taken initially the severe damages could have been avoided.
  • Worsen the Situation: As an inexperienced person, you may also inadvertently cause damages while trying to fix the problem. Most people pour in huge amounts of drain cleaners to unclog the drains. Drain cleaners cannot dissolve everything instead it corrodes the pipes. So instead of a simple unclogging job, you would need to call professionals like the Sunshine Coast Plumber to replace the pipe as well.
  • Injure Yourself: An overlooked aspect of the DIY videos and tutorials is that the person making the video is highly experienced. They have years of experience which makes the process really easy for them and it is evident in the video. The inexperienced DIYers then underestimate the efforts needed to do the job. This leads to them being not as careful as they should be and this may even cause serious injury to them.
  • Plumbing Codes: Plumbing is regulated by a series of codes which differ in every city and area. As a non-professional, you may not know about these codes in detail, if at all. While trying to install plumbing yourself without any professional help, you may inadvertently break these codes it’s may lead to large fines being levied on you. Pl Plumbers like Sunshine Coast Plumber and others, who are certified, know all the codes and are updated with all the revisions so that all their jobs comply with the rules and regulations of the city.
  • Right Materials: There are various types of valves, connections as well as pipes which are used for different purposes at different places. Placing the wrong material at the wrong place can be dangerous when they would react to the water and other elements that flow through them. It may also increase the risk of future leaks and corrosion, clogs, issues regarding the water pressure, and even leads to the pipes being burst.
  • Lack of Expertise: As mentioned earlier, plumbers have years of knowledge and experience. They are well equipped to deal with any problems that may arise. Moreover, they also have various specialized tools to help them work quickly and efficiently. Inexperienced people may not know the correct preventive and corrective actions that are needed to be undertaken in case of an error and may not have all the correct tools.

In Conclusion,

These are only a few on the reasons why inexperienced people should not do plumbing jobs in their houses even if it seems like a minor problem. Sunshine coast plumber is a Queensland based company which provides plumbing and gas solutions to the residential and domestic systems. Their team of plumbers is highly qualified, experienced, and certified and aims to provide the best services for you.

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