Effects of winter on Windows and Doors Mississauga

When you see hot chocolates, snowball fights and ice skating, know that the winter has arrived. As enjoyable as these winter activities can be, the chilly weather has a significant impact on your windows and doors Mississauga.

From warping to drafts to swelling, we have listed some of the popular windows and doors Mississauga problems that you may encounter due to the chilly weather of winter. Take a look here.

  1. Warping and Shrinking.

If your home is made of wood windows, both humidity and temperature can be a real tragedy to your structure. Wood material tends to contract in extreme cold, and when the humidity is extreme, they start to warp and ultimately bow unfavourably.

In this case, you are supposed to paint wood windows or doors frequently in order to seal them. However, it will be prudent enough if you choose different materials that are not affected by extreme colds such as vinyl or aluminium windows and doors Mississauga. These are common choices nowadays.

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  1. Ice Formation.

Probably the main reason why you are advised to apply weather stripping regularly. Ice tends to accumulate on any open space between doors and windows and also the frames they are installed in.

When hot, air escapes through these holes. This makes it challenging to open the window or the door without removing weather stripping, which with time builds up the ice more and more. Besides, this makes the operation of the doors and windows difficult.

  1. Hardware Failure.

Windows and doors Mississauga include hinges, latches, handles and another mechanism that make operation possible. This can be altered or made possible ice accumulation or cold-weather stress.

Awning windows and casement windows are particularly affected by ice and need a more robust opening mechanism than the sliding doors and windows Mississauga.

  1. The condensation doesn’t usually have the dark side. Sometimes it is a sign of something good. For instance, if it occurs on your windows during the chilly winter month, it tells you that your windows have an excellent level of energy efficiency.

The reason why it happens is that the humid air can’t escape through the window which is what is expected from a good and functional window.

If you want to eliminate this condensation on your glass panes, just use a dehumidifier.  However, if the condensation is occurring between the glass panes or frames, that should cause concern, and you are supposed to call a professional to inspect it.

  1. Drafts usually occur in old, poorly fitted and poorly insulated windows and doors. You can install weather stripping to reduce the draft occurrence. However, that is not a long-lasting solution. You should opt to replace new windows and doors Mississauga if you don’t want the problem to recur. Failure to do so can make you spend more money.

It also has negative effects on the energy efficiency of your home.