Dos and Don’ts of dressing Mother of the bride

The wedding is an event where not only the bride and groom but the wedding party including the parents of the bride and groom themselves have to dress appropriately. Even though the mother of the bride is not the part of the wedding procession this doesn’t mean that the dress is not of the great importance. The fact that the mother of the bride has to dress nicely is that she also has to make an entrance and for that and pictures you have to look beautiful and not to mention the fact the people you chance to meet throughout the event. There are certain Dos and Don’ts that you need to consider while buying the dress as the mother of the bride.


Here are some of the things you need to do while buying the mother ofthe bride dress

  • You must contact the mother of the groom and if it can be made possible plan to go shopping with her so you both can buy the dress on the same day. This way if there is a theme wedding you both will buy dresses according to the theme and will be able to help each other out in this. This way you both can also avoid buying the same dress and this will also help you open the line of communication between you two.
  • Di take notice of the colour of the wedding, location and even the season. This way you will be buying a dress that is appropriate for the season. Knowing the location will help you lot in choosing the dress because with your own life’s experience you will know which type of dress you can wear on which place and what you need to avoid at all. If there is a colour of wedding you will have to buy the dress in that colour so knowing all about it before is very important.


Now here are some don’ts that you need to know while buying a dress

  • Don’t ask the salesperson to show you, mother of the bride dresses, instead tell them the type of wedding and according to that, they can show a number of dresses that can go according to that occasion. Tell your salesperson what you feel comfortable in and if you are a plus size woman make sure to tell them you are looking for plus size mother of bride dresses on that specific type of theme.
  • Don’t ignore your daughter requests on what type of dress you should wear. She has imagined this day all her life long so she would know what she wants you to wear and what would fit with the theme.
  • Don’t look for the dress too late and since the weddings are told about almost 6 months earlier to everyone start looking for the dress and you never know when you will find the perfect one.

So these are some of the dos and don’ts about buying the mother of the bride dress

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