Celebrate any special event with appetizing cakes offered by online bakers

The cake is one of the most luscious and appetizing foods which are served as a dessert on some special occasions like birthday party, wedding anniversary, ring ceremony and many other special events as well. Cakes are usually made with the different variety of flavours such as chocolate cake, vanilla cake, butterscotch cake, Boston cream pie cake, pineapple cake and blackcurrant cake. Cakes are made with flavours to satisfy the taste of the customers. Normally, appetizing cakes are made with the composition of flour, egg whites, vanilla scoops, milk, granulated sugar, baking soda, softened butter and vegetable oil. Normally, online bakers provide the wide collection of appetizing and scrumptious cakes. If you want to buy the luscious cake, buy from online bakers for huge satisfaction.

Variety of cakes-

Here is the list of flavourful and appetizing cakes offered by online cake store are as follows-

  • Luscious pineapple cake

Luscious pineapple cake excites many cake lovers. It is normally made with the composition of flour, pineapple syrup, milk, egg whites, and baking soda and vanilla scoops. In addition, bakers decorate this amazing cake with luscious toppings, icings and red berries to make the cake more luscious and appetizing. If you want to surprise someone greatly with pineapple cake. Buy quality made pineapple cake from online cake store at the affordable price and delight your loved ones greatly.

  • Chocolate truffle cake

Usually, appetizing chocolate truffle cake is a type of normal chocolate cake and it is cherished by chocolate lovers. This cake is made with luscious ingredients which include- purposeful flour, milk powder, cocoa powder, granulated sugar, egg whites, vanilla scoops and nutty chocolate bites. Bakers garnish and decorate this amazing cake with luscious toppings and brown icings. If you want to delight and excite any chocolate lover. But this appetizing chocolate cake from online bakers at best price.

  • Yummilicious vanilla cake

Yummilicious vanilla cake is one of the most amazing cakes which is offered on special demand of the people. It’s good to taste and attractiveness delight people greatly. Vanilla cake is highly available at online cake store. You can buy this beautiful and luscious cake from online bakers to highly please someone very special.

  • Scrumptious black forest cake

Delectable black forest cake makes people excited and delighted. People cannot resist themselves by eating luscious black forest cake. If you are looking for the best quality of black forest cake. Visit online cake store and buy the best and affordable black forest cake to excite your loved ones.

Are you looking for the fresh and luscious cake? Visit online cake stores and explore the luscious cake variety to buy the most appetizing cake to celebrate the special occasion. Online bakers offer the best variety of cakes at nominal prices. You will easily get your choice of cake from our online store. If you want the cake on the day of order. Online bakers will provide you convenient same day cake delivery service to satisfy your needs.

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Depression during the course of pregnancy

Depression is a sense of feeling where you feel hopelessness and sadness. Normally you can feel down on a recurring basis, but in case if you are depressed this feeling could lead to weeks or even months. The worst part is that depression could have an impact on your daily life in a big way as it could stretch from how you think to the manner in which you sleep. For a woman who is under depression, and they feel that things are under control, it could arise due to hormonal shifts as well. Postpartum depression could arise during pregnancy in a big manner. Pregnancy depression medication could solve the problem to a considerable extent of sorts.

Pregnancy depression

This feeling is very hard, and when you become pregnant it does is all the more. The general feeling is that pregnancy is one of the happiest days in your life, but when such a sort of situation prevails you do feel that the situation is not under control. You need to understand the fact that it is an illness and not a choice in any way. One out of ten women is prone to depression during pregnancy, but the actual figure could be much more as many women fail to even admit it. It is a sort of illness that alters changes in your brain chemistry.

If depression is not treated at an earlier stage it could pose problem for both the mother and the baby. If it is not treated it can lead to poor levels of nutrition, drinking or for the matter smoking as well. When you are a woman who is depressed you in fact do not possess the strength to care for yourself as well as the growing baby. Babies who are born that fall under the scope of depressed mothers, does show more agitation in comparison to mothers who are less prone to the same. For this reason it is pretty much important for the mother to seek help at an early stage.

If you feel that you are really struggling with depression, the first and foremost course of action would be to seek professional help. You can discuss with your health care provider with your struggles or symptoms. The health care provider normally wants the best for you as well as your baby and they are going to treatment the options with you.

A lot of debate is centredon the use of medications during the course of pregnancy. It is has been proved that certain medications to treat depression could lead to physical deformities in babies. If a woman is dealing with slight or moderate depression, then can cope up with light therapy or support groups.If the depression levels are high then a woman can cope up with a combination of medication and counselling.

This problem is not similar to the lines of meds for pregnancy digestion where instant relief is assured on consumption of the same. Depression leads a lot of attention an immediate basis.

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5 Perfect Hacks For College Students

Hello there. Having a great time at college, aren’t you? That’s great to listen to but then the college campus part is all different from the independent living in hostels and the studies part. This is the time where you are all growing mentally into this world to fit in its super-jet speed of working. And so, to learn every skill that one needs to make, the first thing is to have everything set right in stable atmosphere. And that is something you can achieve by simply ticking off problems that keep your mind at bay from the real issues. I know a few of them and so, I have a few solutions to them. Read on

1. The Syllabus Hack

The syllabus is mounting up day by day and it almost feels like if you miss any single class the whole subject will fly away above your head. And also, with while new things to check out and do like trainings, competitive exams and internships, sometimes it happens that college studies take a backseat. So to help with this, is firstly the technology like apps like Coursera, Brainscape, Flashkart+, Dictionary, Quizlet and many more that  you can check out and they are quite amazing and also are helpful for overall syllabus preparation.

2. The Attendance Mix up

Everything goes fine, your studies, co curricular activities, internships and trainings but what almost causes a whirl-storm in your life is lack of attendance which pretty soon turns to be a rather embarrassing and difficult situation for you. To avoid this, there are many things that you can do, like attend the initial classes regularly to be strong on the subject. You can use apps like Frapp and Attendance Tracker that will help you keep track of the attendance and also will guide to at least be near the 75% mark. Also, attending classes whenever possible is the best solution.

3. The Space Hack

Living in rooms and hostels can be difficult if things are not going your way. At home, making space becomes easier (Well only because your Mom does it for you!), as there is enough room for adjustments. But living independently can be quite a issue with how things are fitting in miniature spaces. But let this not big you down. Let your clothes fit into cupboards or racks by folding them into perfect squares instead of just stuffing them in. You can also use use soda pop tabs to hang two or more clothes in a single hanger. Adding racks is however the best solution for space issues.

4. The Atmosphere Issues

Well, usually it happens that at what prices you are able to afford rooms, they are just small little cabins with only one door and a window that too with very bad quality air letting in as such areas have not that good atmosphere and are usually polluted. So one thing you can do is wet a towel and hang it in front of the window. The air itself gets cooler and also comes out clean. Trying to use dryer sheets on table fans and ACs help in removing the smell from the air inside the room. The costs of room fresheners is thus saved.

5. The Reusing Stuff Hacks.

Here are a series of things you can do by not throwing away stuff you buy but instead use them wisely in daily activities. Have a look.
– Instead of throwing away the plastic bottles, use them as containers by thoroughly washing them first and cutting them according to the size you need.
– Place the speaker part of your phone in a slit of your empty cardboard toilet roll and bam, you have your own speakers.
– Use your old Coca-Cola cans as stationary holders on your desk and they can also help with the toiletries.

– If your kitchen has racks, then just slide in a old board  just above the highest shelf and there you have you have your easy slide cutting place.
– Use 3M hooks to mount your phone or tablet on and enjoy binge watching anytime you want to.

So here are a few things that I have myself tried and my friends too have tried. So now it is your time to check them out and let me know how you liked them. Have a nice time at college.

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Pallavi Chhelavda- The Importance Of Vastu Shastra & Fend Shui For Your Home

Your home is your haven and when it comes to your health and well-being it does play a vital role in your life. When you move into a new home, you expect it to be peaceful and soothing. After all, at the end of a hard day’s work, it is important to you to come back to the abode of peace. However, at times you will find that once you have built or even moved into a new home, misfortune befalls you or takes over your life. In case, such a situation does take place, you do not have to worry for your whole life. There are holistic practices and remedies available under Vastu Shastra or Feng Shui to help you bring back lost luck, love and laughter!

Pallavi Chhelavda


Pallavi Chhelavda- An expert consultant in Vastu Shastra& Feng Shui!

Pallavi Chhelavda is an expert consultant in Vastu Shastra and Feng Shui with over 26 years of invaluable experience in the field. She says that both forms of architectural science are effective when it comes to the health and the prosperity of your home. She says that many people from all walks of life visit her on a daily basis. She listens to their concerns and issues and suggests Vastu and Feng Shui remedies that gradually transform the fate of their lives. She says that architecture and the laws of the Universe need to be balanced for a peaceful life. She adds that if you follow this science of architecture, you effectively are able to remove hindrances and obstacles from your life in the form of negative energies. She says that you can have an upbeat life and live in harmony with nature. This also means that you effectively are able to stop negative forces from entering your home and create an environment of peace, love and prosperity.

Difference between Feng Shui and Vastu Shastra

She explains that there is a subtle difference in Feng Shui and Vastu. Both are equally effective for your home. She first listens to the queries and the concerns of her clients before they recommend solutions based on Vastu or Feng Shui. She says that Vastu is one of the oldest ancient forms of architectural science and it is based on rules, directions and regulations that were laid down in detail by Vedic sages. According to these sages, they consider a home to be a living soul with life force that is known as prana. Feng Shui, on the other hand is a Chinese form of the science of architecture that deals with the whole idea of living in harmony with nature. Vastu is generally based on science and Feng Shui on traditions and geographical locations she says.

Pallavi Chhelavda says that she counsels her clients as per their needs. She says that when it comes to Vastu Shastra and Feng Shui many people have queries and concerns. She clarifies their doubts and concerns with care and compassion so that they can bring in the desired changes in their life with her tips and suggestions.

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Medical school essay is usually read by at least three people. These three people who are going to read your medical school essay can be advisors, someone who is a medical student currently, or a physicianyou have already observed or shadowed. It can be really difficult to write about yourself in a medicalpersonal statement, and their feedback can offer aa better perspective of the essay as how that essay can be viewed by others. However, there are many students who search for medicine personal statement review and the people you choose for reviewing your essay might not be a professional editor and they might not have the experience of helping a large number of people in securing their admission to the medical school. This is the time when professionals are required for editing the medical school essay so that chances of admission can be improved.

Medical school personal statement editing is not a place where you can get someone for writing your medicine personal statement for you. If you ask someone to write it for you, then that medical school essay will simply be unethical and useless. The reason behind this is simple, which is, no one is going to understand fully what you want to achieve and what is your reason for doing so. Including the complete information about the experiences that you had and the goals that you have is what the admission officers are looking for in the essay so that they understand what is your actual purpose behind becoming a physician. Hence, all you have to do is write your own medicine personal statement and then team up with the medicine personal statement review and get the essay reviewed properly for ensuring that the essay is personal and polished.

If you are at complete loss as how to start your essay, an editor from a medicine personal statement editing service, who is professional, can help you in starting the medicine personal statement from scratch. The editor who is going to work with you has a complete and good knowledge about the content that is required in your medicine personal statement and will be working as best for all the medical schools. With this knowledge, they are able to guide you properly in finding the best information and anecdotes for including in your medicine personal statement. Plus, your editor can also offer you the feedback along the whole way of writing your essay and can answer all the questions that you might have.

When the essay is almost over, that is, in the final stages, the editor from the medicine personal statement editing services can add some features which can be quite difficult for an average person to add and these are variety of sentence structures, very smooth flow, broad range of vocabulary choices, and seamless transitions between the paragraphs. These are not noticed when present, but are definitely noticed when absent. The polished and professional end product of medical essay is one of the important steps in getting admissions in a good medical school.

About the Author:

Amit Jaiswal is a Freelancer and a writer who loves to write on different niches that includes Business, Technology and others. He is also an Internet Marketing professional and Google AdWords Certified Professional who is into teaching different Digital Marketing courses that covers SMO, SEO and PPC.

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The Life Cycle Of A Crowdfunding Campaign

By now, many people in India have become aware of the existence of crowdfunding, and have at least a vague idea of what it means. There is less know how about how crowdfunding works, and the great Indian middle-class still needs to be convinced about why they should try crowdfunding when they face a medical emergency, want to do good in their communities, or have a creative or artistic project to sponsor. This scenario is slowly changing, with a growing number of crowdfunding enthusiasts running successful campaigns on crowdfunding platforms in India and setting good examples for how crowdfunding needs to be done.

Although similar concepts may also be executed through mail-order subscriptions, benefit events, and other methods, the word crowdfunding refers to Internet-mediated registries. This modern crowdfunding model is generally based on three kinds of actors: the project initiator who proposes the idea and/or project to be funded, individuals or groups who support the idea, and a moderating organization that brings the parties together to launch the idea. Crowdfunding has been used to fund a wide selection of for-profit entrepreneurial ventures such as artistic and creative projects, medical expenses, travel, or community-oriented social entrepreneurship projects

The top best practice related to crowdfunding has to do with how and when the campaign should be promoted on social media. Crowdfunding success and social media strategizing are inseparably linked, because this mode of fundraising depends largely on harnessing the power of your crowd, your network, to rake in generous donations.

What happens when a campaign goes live?

Observation of crowdfunding campaigns, both medical and social, has shown that there are distinct stages of every campaign’s life cycle. The first 20% of donations, which usually comes from people the campaigner knows well in the real world, is gathered quickly, often within a week or ten days of the campaign going live. This is the time when social media sharing, especially on Facebook, should ideally begin, with less intimate friends, acquaintances, friends of friends, co-workers, neighbours, and those friends and relatives you have fallen out of touch with can be roped into your cause. When this rather large group of potential donors visits your fundraiser page, they can see that some donations have already come in, and this generally encourages contributors to give in turn. This phase of fundraising has been reported by ardent campaigners to be tedious, and progress relatively slow. The fundraiser again picks up momentum when over 75% of the target has been met.

Social media: The role it plays

Social media sharing ensures that by this time a wide circle of people the campaigner knows by a few degrees of social separation will have been told about the crowdfunding project from a credible source. People are much more likely to give if a trusted individual asks them to. Toward the close of a fundraiser, donors tend to flock to the campaign and often give enough that the target is surpassed.

The intelligent campaigner leverages the power of social media smartly and literally moves crowds to meet their fundraising goals. Donors respond empathetically, they pool funds to address needs and contribute by developing the culture of giving India so desperately needs.

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What to Do in the U Street Corridor

You’ve just arrived in Washington DC, and you’re now wondering where you want to go. You’ve already visited the White House and Lincoln Memorial, and you’ve already been to the National Museum of Natural History. It’s still a few days before your return trip back home, where should your feet lead you next?

Have you heard about the U Street Corridor? It’s one of the metropolis’ most vibrant places filled with history, food to eat, and places to go. The area dates back to the 1870s, it was the center of the city’s African-American community. Back in the early 20th century, the location was even dubbed as the “Black Broadway” because of its many black cultures. Even Duke Ellington called the neighborhood his home. Read on to know some of the top spots in U Street that you should definitely check out.

Ben’s Chili Bowl

Do you fancy a spicy treat that’ll sizzle your senses to its core? Then you have to try out the yummy treats served at Ben’s Chili Bowl. This restaurant first opened its doors back in the year 1958. Even though it’s been decades since it started, the owners of the place continue to refurbish and remodel the place to keep up with the times. This family-owned restaurant even has some famous customers found on their list, include Barack Obama, Bill Cosby, Duke Ellington, and Miles Davis.


One U st bar that you should definitely visit is Gibson, but it’s not your typical modern-day bar that you might initially imagine. Head inside and fill your head with the sounds of dub bossa nova. You can even watch hipsters at play during some nights. The location might be difficult to locate, especially if you’re new to the area. Start your search by looking for an unobtrusive doorbell that’s just right next to Marvin. Once you’re inside, you can savor your palate with the best cocktails the city has to offer.


Do you fancy filling your closets with a new wardrobe from Washington? Then you’d best head to the Treasury. This is a shop specifically made for the stylish individual. Head inside, and you’ll find an incredible array of hat, handbags, footwear, and clothes. It’s a treasure trove for those who love the vintage look. You can even head to the second floor to marvel at the recast vintage jewelry on display.

Take note that this list is by no means extensive because there’s a bunch of other things that you can see, do, and experience while you’re on U Street. The only thing left to do is to experience all of it for yourself.

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