A Bombshell Alert-Stacked Bob Haircuts We All Want To Copy


Some call them stacked bob haircuts, while others call them graduated bobs-whatever the name you know them by, these haircuts are entirely hip and sophisticated. These haircuts are defined by the heavily layered back which incorporates tons of volume to the hair.

Graduated bobs are suitable for women with fine hair or thin hair and want to add some ‘oomph’ to their style. However, this is not to mean that ladies with thick hair are excluded from wearing these haircuts. Opt for thick locks if you have thick hair and you steal the show. Here is an interesting article to read for more information about stacked bob hairstyles.

  1. Shaved Back

A stacked bob haircut usually doesn’t have an entirely shaved back. However, that doesn’t imply that you should shy off from trying it out. Sophisticated and stylish, the area at the back which is shaved allows the remaining locks swing subtly and free.

  1. Bold Purple Messy Tresses

Wow. We don’t mistake this hairstyle. This hair hue is super intense. But apart from being edgy and bold, the haircut is stunningly trendy. We all know that purple is the talk of the town right now, and letting them stay messy is a guaranteed way to create adorable style.


  1. A Little Messy

You can get that fresh bounce look by simply messing up with your hair. This bright tousled haircut is super beautiful and bouncy, making it the best haircut for girls and older women as well.

  1. Beautiful Waves

You can’t go wrong with this beautifully stacked bob haircut. Just incorporate a bit of texture in your hair by dazzling it up using beautiful waves. It is suitable for a trip out paired with blue jeans, yet sexy enough for a late Friday night with your beautiful dress and heels.

  1. Lengthy Curls

Sit doesn’t become more charismatic and appealing as this. The beautiful balayage blonde locks are awed up with subtle and loose, romantic curls, coming up with an incredibly drop-dead appearance that is sure to steal the show. Maintain your makeup simple or go despicable with shades-all work well with this seamless look.

  1. A Sharp Angle with Middle Part

A sharp angle matched with an attractive jet black colour creates a refined and sophisticated hairdo that appears like it is perfect off the runaway. Keep aside beautiful, and romantic side swept bangs; this haircut is all about edginess and boldness, which implies long bangs and vibrant middle part.

  1. Rounded Volume

This is an excellent stacked bob haircut for mature ladies and young girls with long or oval faces. There is lots of volume at the rounded back that creates understated bouncy.

  1. Wild Layers

The natural blonde hair shading does magic when creating a bold, youthful look that will look bright in the summer sunlight. You can also opt to boost the volume to your hair by way of layering with varying hair lengths. This makes sure the bangs get the extra length for a flirty look.

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