Learn Rules and Regulations how to play IPL Fantasy League

Everyone knows that IPL is not just a cricket tournament but it is more like a festival in India. Almost every cricket fan of the country and across the world enjoys watching back-to-back matches in a period of 2 months. The popularity has grown immensely in recent years, and it is one of the most popular tournaments in a fantasy league as well. If you want to try fantasy league ipl matches and win big, here are some important things that you must know:-

What is it?

It is a tournament where 8 teams, not related to any particular geographical origin in terms of players, compete with one another in a series of 20-20 matches to win the trophy. And, in the virtual world, fans enjoy fantasy league cricket and are given points on the basis of the actual performance of players in those matches.

General rules governing fantasy leagues

Here are the general rules that you must keep in mind while playing:-

  • You need to pick your team comprising of 11 players
  • Your virtual team cannot have more than 4 overseas players
  • The number of batsmen in your team should be 4 or 5
  • There should be at least 1 wicketkeeper in your squad
  • You should pick 2 to 5 bowlers for your team
  • Even all-rounders are important. You need to have 1 to 4 of them in your team
  • It is mandatory to pick at least 1 uncapped player
  • You cannot pick more than 6 players from a single team
  • You will also have to choose your captain and vice-captain. It is not mandatory that your selection matches with that of real teams

These general rules are followed by almost all the fantasy cricket websites. However, there are certain other rules related to points and prizes that vary from one site to another. Therefore, you must go through the rules mentioned on your website before you start playing.

Tips for playing fantasy league

Keep these tips in mind and use them while playing fantasy cricket so that you have higher chances of winning:-

  • All-rounders help

It will be a wise decision to go for more all-rounders than the players who can fit in just one role. Since they can take both wickets and score runs, you have better chances of earning points in your fantasy game.

  • Top-order batsmen are helpful

The top-order batsmen have more chances of facing more balls as compared to the middle or lower-order batsmen. Thus, you should try picking up more of those for your team. If you want to win big, you need to say goodbye to your favourites for sometime and make practical decisions.

  • Bowlers or all-rounders as power players

Batsmen have more chances of failing if the bowler is strong. Thus, it will be good if you pick the best bowler or an all-rounder as your power player. This will ensure that you points are multiplied at a better rate than other players. Also, you will see all-rounders more on the field so they have better chances of making you earn points.

  • Having a good mix is beneficial

Make sure that your fantasy team is a good blend of all types of players. You will always have a second option if one type of players are not able to perform well in the real matches. This will make sure that your chances of scoring points do not drop down.

  • Picking death-over specialists is a must

It will be fantastic if you are going for death over specialist bowlers. They know how to bowl in pressure situations and can pick crucial wickets easily. The more wickets they take more will be your winning chances.

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