4 Do’s And Don’ts of Skip Bin Filling

Skip bins can be of great help for the disposal of garbage and other wastage. Business establishments as well as private residences can both take the advantage of skips and their many benefits. As waste removal experts do, they will pick up your garbage and take care of their disposal at the same time. Also, hiring skips are also economical as well as practical since you don’t have to transport and dispose of the waste yourself. It is also more convenient thus giving you more time to do more pressing or other important things. Below, are 4 do’s and don’ts while using skips for your perusal.

  1. Do’s
  1. Think about safety – While hiring a skip bin service, it is imperative to think about safety. For instance, consider the positioning of the skips. Where will you place it. Will it be on the highway? What sort of waste are you going to dump and how much?

If your skip is going to be located in the highway, you will need a permit besides traffic cons as well as safety lights to ensure the safety of other pedestrians or commuters. The skip service that you hire should be able to provide you the details as per the hiring agreement.

  1. Order the right size of skips – While hiring a skip service, you need to consider the rights size of the bins that fits your requirements. If you get the wrong skip, you might end up paying way more than you need in case you get a skip larger than your requirement. If you order a skip that is too, you might run the risk of hiring twice because you will have to dispose of your waste twice.
  1. Don’ts

  • Dump in dangerous materials or non permitted waste – This is pure for safety reason. It is very important that you pay attention to the types of the materials that you intend on putting on your skip bin. Avoid throwing away any dangerous materials such as asbestos or even non permitted items such as paints tubs or cans, freezers, freezes, and unsealed oil.


  1. Overfill the skips – All skips should only be filled to the top of the container. If you overfill it, it will make the vehicle to exceed the legal weight limit. If this happens, the driver taking away the bins will be put to prosecution. Also, overfilling the skips can pose as a serious hazard for people using the road

These were a few do’s and don’ts that you need to check for while hiring a skip bin service near you or in bin compare in Sunshine coast  Also, don’t forget not to burn anything on a skip since it might violate safety issues and also it might damage the bins itself.

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