How men can wear floral

Fashion is such a fickle thing, trends come and go and they can range from the sublime to the ridiculous. Nowadays, it seems it’s a case of anything goes, and many fashion houses regularly include unisex clothing in their ranges. This androgynous clothing has no clear definition about which gender it’s created for, and millennial couples are regularly seen in each other’s clothes.

Men’s fashion in particular has seen dramatic changes over the last century and its now acceptable for men to wear all sorts of clothing, including prints and colours their forefathers wouldn’t have dreamt of. Fashion is such a fickle thing, trends come and go and they can range from the sublime to the ridiculous. Nowadays, it seems it’s a case of anything goes, and many fashion houses regularly include unisex clothing in their ranges.

History of men’s fashion

For the early part of the 19th century, men’s fashion was quite staid and often revolved around a suit or a uniform. Men’s attire was also quite drab in terms of colours too. According to the Victoria and Albert Museum, it wasn’t until the sixties that vibrant colours were introduced into men’s clothing ranges.

Since then, men’s fashion has changed beyond recognition and very few would consider it the norm to wear a suit on a day to day basis unless it was required for work. Even there, the previously must-have tie has also gone out of fashion, with more and more employers opting for a more casual open neck policy. Even there, the previously must-have tie has also gone out of fashion, with more and more employers opting for a more casual open neck policy.

As well as the style of men’s clothing having changed, so have the colours and prints. Floral is now one of the most popular trends for men. But if you haven’t tried it yet, how should you go about wearing florals?

How to wear a floral print

Firstly, you should still choose colours that you’re comfortable with, and floral prints don’t have to be gaudy, over the top, psychedelic colours. If your florals are a mixture of greys, blacks and whites, that’s okay.

Keep floral prints to a single item, perhaps a shirt, and team it with solid colours. These Farah shirts from could be worn with plain trousers or a solid colour t-shirt underneath.

Try and keep the materials of your outfit to similar textures, so if your shirt is linen, them pair it with linen trousers. And if you still want to feel a little more formal, then a linen suit would work too.

Finally, remember whichever floral you choose, fashion should be fun and reflect your own unique personality.

Make the daredevil car to look like a lulu with premium car services

Every car owner is so concerned about the beauty and style factor of the car. These are the primary factors that make them buy a premium branded car. It is quite natural that dust, mud, dirt and similar factor can badly affect the real beauty of the car. Most of the car owners fail to give the same attention and care to the car with the flow of time. This is just because of their busy schedule and not because of the reason that they lost their interest and love towards their favorite car.

Daredevil turns to a lulu

A queen like a car will turn to be a daredevil in look when you left the car uncleaned an unmaintained for a particular period of time. The dust and dirt will start to rule the smooth finish of the body. The real beauty of the paint goes undercover and you never like this to happen to your car. If you feel that your car needs some professional cleaning service instead of a simple hand wash, then take it to the nearest car service station to get the best in premium car cleaning service. The service really makes your daredevil car to look like a lulu.

Professional service using quality products

Not all of the cleaning products are good for the car body. Reputed car service providers make use of high-quality cleaning products that are free from over usage of harmful chemicals. The experts give importance to eco-friendly cleaning products that are good for both the vehicle, vehicle owners and the cleaning professionals. The trained cleaning professionals will make sure that they make the car free from any of the stains, dirt, mud, dust or anything that can affect the beauty of the car.

Detailing service comes as the overall checkup

Premium car detailing service is just like whole body checkup. Yes, here the service includes a complete check of the car and make necessary cleaning, washing, repairing and replacement to enhance the overall performance of the car. Right from the tire dressing to engine performance and everything in between are addressed in the detailing service. The service brings back the original beauty, quality and condition of the car just as it was at the first movement from the showroom. The service covers all of the interior and external cleaning requirement and the experts make use of the right type of techniques and cleaning materials for each of the products and parts.

Select the best plan

Detailing the car at least once in every six months keep the car free from any of the severe repairs and replacements. Not all the car detailing service companies provide the same type of detailing packages. It can differ in rates and the services and the companies provide customized services as per the requirement of the customers. It is a good idea to check the plans along with rates to select the best premium car detailing service center in terms of quality of service and the rates.

It is the right time to make the car to look like a lulu with the best cleaning and detailing services.



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