Plan on wearing Gold Jewellery with your casual wear?-Here’s how

Women always seek out jewellery that accentuates their persona without making them look overdone. Gold jewellery goes especially well with casual wear. There is a huge lot of gold set design that can complete your look when you go out for lunch dates or office parties. Jewellery being the staple of the ensemble, it is better to make informed and calculated decisions. Here are a few tips to help you stylise your gold accessories with casual wear.

Tips to coordinate your jewellery in the best way possible:

  • Have a precise idea of what the occasion demands: One cannot wear the same jewellery for every occasion. The jewellery you wear to a wedding would look odd if you wore it to the church. A loose, dangling bracelet might be a source of irritation and cause you to lose focus from that important office meeting. On the other hand, you can easily match that bracelet with the red dress you are wearing to the cocktail party. There are lightweight gold jewellery designs with price that are customised for all such occasions.
  • Emphasise on your own style: Everyone has their own unique style which should be reflected in the jewellery. It should represent your personality, image and your lifestyle. Coco Chanel infamously commented, “Before leaving the house, a lady should stop, look in the mirror, and remove one piece of jewellery”. The opposite also holds true. Over-accessorising and under-accessorising are fashion faux pas. If you are emotionally attached to the gold pendant and the chain that you wear with your jeans and sweatshirt, you can layer the piece with a gold set design bar necklace. Similarly, it is advisable to not to wear the huge gold loops on every occasion just because there are some fond memories attached to it.



  • Simple jewellery goes with ornate designs: The motto while wearing gold should be “less is more”. A simple golden chain or slim gold bangles will perfectly accessorise a multi-coloured sundress or an embroidered kurta. These are lightweight gold jewellery designs with price quite affordable.
  • Compliment your skin tone with the jewellery you wear: The pro tip for accessorising is to choose jewellery that illuminates your skin tone. Gold is a versatile colour that looks amazing on every woman irrespective of their undertones. If you have a warm undertone, a more yellowish tinge of gold jewellery would suit you, while dark, matte shades go well with cooler undertones. The best way to wear gold jewellery is to back it up with three more colours. Colours such as dark purple, cream, rose pink, emerald green looks especially good with gold.

The most important advice when it comes to jewellery is to wear what you love and are comfortable in. Gold never goes out of trend. If you think that your favourite tennis bracelet is no more in vogue, update it with some other piece. Casual outfits are well accentuated by gold jewellery and this warm, glowing metal will always be perfect.