End Of Tenancy Cleaning Services

When do we need end of tenancy cleaning services?

Landlords, letting agents and tenants may require end of tenancy cleaning services in Singapore.  For residential housing, letting agents and landlords need these services in order to increase the chances of renting out or selling their houses at a faster rate.  This also allows the future tenant to move in at an earlier time, hence enable them to start their new agreement faster, collection of rent faster.  Tenants require these moving out cleaning services in Singapore in order to meet the legal requirements in their contract with their landlords, to put the house in the original condition before returning back to their landlords.  More often than not, the legal requirement includes returning the tenant the deposit only upon returning of the property at original state.  Hence, by enlisting the end of tenancy cleaning services, the tenant is able to get back the deposit as well.  For commercial housing, the reasons for enlisting the services are similar as well for landlords, letting agents and tenants, the difference is the type of services enlisted.

Types of end of tenancy cleaning services offered (including but not limited to)


Living Rooms and Bedrooms –Thorough cleaning and sanitisation of all areas, including the hidden and obscure areas.  Detailed cleaning of the furniture (including inside of the furniture) and mopping and vacuuming of the floors.  Depending on the type of floor surface (e.g. marble or wood), polishing of the floor may be provided.  Removal of cobwebs, rubbish and litter.  Vacuuming the carpet.

Bathrooms – Cleaning, mopping and disinfectingof the floors.  Deep cleaning and sanitisation of the bath tub, toilet bowls, shower and sink.  Descaling and de-liming of the blocked fixtures.  Scrubbing of the tiles.  Removal of cobwebs, rubbish and litter.

Kitchens – Cleaning of all cupboards and kitchen cabinets(will clear out the items before cleaning the cupboards), Cleaningand degreasing of all the electrical and mechanical appliances (including fridge, ovens, microwaves, dishwashers), sweeping and washing of floors and all surfaces.  Descaling, cleaning and sanitisation of sinks and taps, including descaling and de-liming of the blocked fixtures.  Removal of cobwebs, rubbish and litter.

Commercial:  For the main office areas, lobby areas, partitioned rooms and meeting rooms, the floors and carpets will be cleaned, vacuumed and sanitized.  All doors, handles and locks will be dusted and cleaned.  Windows frames and glasses will be cleaned and polished.  Furnitures, tables and chairs will be dusted, surfaced wash and cleaned inside out (i.e. items will be cleared before cleaning).  If there are pantries (be it dry or wet kitchen), the mechanical and electrical appliances (e.g. microwaves, fridge) will be cleaned and the sinks will be cleaned as well.

What to look out for when choosing a vendor

There are a few factors to consider when choosing a vendor for the post tenancy cleaning.  Firstly, do look at the experience and credibility of the vendor.  You can assess this by looking at the company’s profiles, list of clients and reviews.

Secondly, do look at the charging model. Besides ensuring that they offer the services you require, do look at how they charge, is it by number of hours, floor area, items cleaned?  Do they have a minimum number of hours?  How do they charge when the number of hours exceed the contracted duration.

Lastly, do check the cleaning appliances and cleaning agents (eg detergents, disinfectants) are included in the rate or added on top of the costs?


With a better understanding of the end of tenancy agreement services, types of services provided and how to choose a vendor, you are on your way to find a suitable vendor to suit your needs.

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