Surfing: A few important tips for you!

Surfing is a very adventurous sport. You have to get prepared both mentally and physically before doing it. It will bring out the wild adventurer in you that was hiding for a long time. It will make you adore beauty as well as the barbaric aspect of the ocean. Apart from that, it will also make you healthy and fresh. It will boost up your adrenaline gush which is indeed very well for your heart and blood. While surfing, you will feel alone amongst numerous numbers of heads and it will help you out to find the inner salvation that you are seeking. But, before doing that you need to follow some rules and do some shopping from So, here are some tips that you should follow before indulging yourself in surfing:

  1. Learn the curve parameters

Surfing is recognized to be one of the most challenging sports in the world. It is also very complex. You must know and study the curves before doing surfing. Not a single wave will be the same. It is affected by the wind, tides and swells those changes every day. You need to practice it for years. The process of learning curves is very interesting. Once you learn to interpret the curves of the waves, you will be addicted to it.

  1. Choose your surfboard wisely

In every other sport, you need the correct equipment to perform better. But in case of surfing it is a bit different. Your surfboard will be responsible for, whether you are enjoying 0 waves or 20 waves a day. The volume and rocker of the surfboard should be really taken care of. The volume of the surfboard is the measurement that decides how much floatation it can take. It depends on the length, breadth, and thickness of a surfboard. For beginners, it is advisable that they should choose a surfboard which has lots of volumes. It will help them to float more freely. And you must also take an expert’s advice before buying a surfboard. They will guide you the best.

  1. Practicing to hold your breath is very important

You will be surrounded by water all the time, and you must know how to hold your breath for the right amount of time. Do not indulge in a big wave if you cannot hold your breath for at least a minute. Try to practice it all the time. Once you are able to hold the breath for a minute while standing, go for holding your breath while walking. The ocean is very ferocious, and you need to be prepared for it very meticulously.

  1. Accept your fear

It is undeniable that you will feel scared while tackling big waves. Some of them are even more significant than 50 feet. It is okay to get feared. Robbie Maddison a professional surfer said that “I feel fear in every situation and I’m mindful of it, but I also let it guide me to the potential things that could go wrong”. Try to overcome your fear. Do not let it kill the vibe in you that you are feeling about surfing. Fear will shatter your confidence and it will also stop you from enjoying an amazingly adventurous sport.

  1. Find out the right teacher

While dealing with the unpredictability of the ocean, it is mandatory for you to find a good teacher who can guide you accordingly. He will help you to learn the basics of surfing. There are many surfing etiquettes that you have to follow and without a good instructor, it will be hard for you to learn those etiquettes. A good teacher will also help you to build the confidence and to overcome your fear.

  1. Study your surfing spot

Studying the surfing spot before going there is very important because it will determine that whether you are going to enjoy it or not. Try to gather information about the current of that place. Find out whether the sharks are present there or not. Knowing about the reefs of that place is also very important because there will be a possibility to bump into those reefs. Try to select a less crowded place so that you can surf peacefully.

Well, surfing is not everyone’s cup of tea. You will need endurance, confidence, dedication, and practice to grasp the concept of surfing. Once, you do it you will be able to connect with yourself and as well as with the pulse of nature. So, try to follow the above points and make yourself comfortable with surfing.

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