Top 6 Free APK Games for 2018

APK Games for 2018

Android mobile gaming keeps getting better, with increasingly sophisticated gameplay and highly-detailed graphics introduced every year. Some of these games have even set the standards for what mobile games can, and should, become.

There are thousands of Android games released yearly, so finding the best one is a challenge. To help you with that, here is a list of the top free apk games for 2018 and 2019.

Alto’s Odyssey

The second part of Alto’s Adventure, Odyssey is as charming as the original but with new twists and game elements. Alto’s Odyssey goes full 360-degrees, with the player now battling through deserts and dunes. New items like balloons and tornadoes were added to usher in new challenges. But the coins you need to collect and the tricks you can pull remain the same.

Asphalt 9: Legends

Gameloft’s Asphalt 9: Legends has been a massive hit almost as soon as it was released. The newest iteration of this famous racing series showcases cars from known car makers like Porshe, Ferrari, and Lamborghini while still giving you thousands of options for customizing your vehicle. Choose from numerous colors, rims, and materials. Have some arcade fun with Asphalt or race online against other players.

NBA Live Mobile

EA’s NBA Live Mobile is giving the NBA 2K series a serious run for its money. The game showcases players in a variety of gaming modes, like season play, head-to-head, PVP, Blacktop, live events, and even leagues. Unfortunately, NBA Live’s free game status means you have a bit of a slog to go through to secure new players, packs, boosts, and in-game money.

Top 6 Free APK Games for 2018

Stranger Things: The Game

Gamers who grew up on Atari will fall in love with Stranger Things: The Game. The game has a retro vibe that directly ties in with the sci-fi cum horror series. Gamers make use of the lovable characters’ unique abilities as they collect Gnomes and Eggos and prepare to explore the environs of Mirkwood Forest, Hawkins, and the Upside Down.

Pokemon Go

Nintendo collaborating with Niantic was an inspired decision that has resulted in one of the most popular free apk games of the year. And the odds are high that the game will remain a favorite for years to come. New updates have improved game play and are still driving people to head out, explore their world to find, photograph, and collect thousands of cute Pokemon. Meanwhile, players in higher levels can also create or join teams and battle other groups for control of Pokemon Gyms.

Pac-Man 256

Another oldie but goodie, Pac-Man 256 gives the classic a modern twist that makes it perfect for mobile devices. Gamers still move the yellow hero through a maze full of power pellets, dots, and ghosts. However, there’s a new addition in the form of “The Glitch,” as well as new powerups that can be upgraded once the player has earned enough points.

There are thousands of free apk games to be found on the Play Store. There’s something for everyone, from puzzles to racing to time management games. You only need to download and enjoy!

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