The Figures Regarding Fortnite One Must Know

Fortnite has taken the video game world by storm this past year. September 2017 was when we were all introduced to the free-to play battle royal game. The game quickly rose to prominence and now it is one of the most watched games on Twitch and YouTube. Fortnite has already risen above games that we’ve always known to be popular in League of Legend and Minecraft, who used to dominate the streaming department.

The Reason forthe Popularity ofthe Game

There are reasons for the popularity of the game and this popularity is indicated in the fortnite stats. The primary reason for the popularity is the game play and secondly is the influence of celebrities who streamed the game.

The Striking Facts aboutthe Game

There are certain striking factors about Fortnite, which will attract the attention of all. It would be wise to know about those.

Surpassing the player mark

Since the release 10 months ago, the game has crossed the 125 million-player mark. It is a massive achievement in a competitive industry and it shows the immense popularity of the game. It is rarely seen that a game crossing such a mark within such a short time frame.

Amount of videos

The fortnite stats also makes one aware of the fact that there are large numbers of videos posted in YouTube on this game. People used to talk about the videos on Twitch but YouTube is also a popular platform. There are 17 billion views of Fortnite in YouTube alone. Twitch still does get massive traffic from the game as well, there are 130K viewers for each streaming of the game.

Impressive likes and comments

YouTube has been a massive avenue in regards to views and likes the game has received since its release. In all, there are 71 Million comments, 532 Million likes and 29 Million dislikes. Therefore, for every dislike there are 18 likes. These impressive figures show the popularity of the game.

Future investment planning

It would be wise to know the future investment planning that big organizations are going to undertake. Calculation shows that in the year 2018-19 there will be an investment of $100 million in the competitions featuring Fortnite. Such an investment planning also reflects the confidence that big organizations has on the success of the game.

Total hours watched

If you were to evaluate the statistics in total hours watched you will realize that Fortnite is miles ahead of the pack. The game has been watched for a total of 557 million hours. It is amazing to know how much people like to watch the game.

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