Vintage Clothing Shops in Amsterdam

If you like vintage accessories and clothes, check out the list of the finest vintage clothing shops in Amsterdam. If you are looking for the authentic 1950 dress or pairs of worn manolos, you’ll find bargain treasures in these shops. Most of the shops are located in the hotspot of fashion which is the “Nine Streets” (NegenStraatjes), a small fashionable street matrix nestled between the medieval center and the Jordaan, in the inner canal district. Here are some of the top vintage shops in Holland from where you can buy the best.

Laura Dols

With a vintage inventory that justifies two shops on the same blocks, Laura Dols is a used second hand in Amsterdam. At the largest location (Wolvenstraat 7), you’ll find clothing shelves spanning five decades (very well organized by color) and unique accessories like wide enameled buckle belts and beaded bags. The back room and the basement, full of evening dresses perfect for everything from cocktails to fashionable walks, will please all vintage dogs.

Across the street, at Wolvenstraat 6, you’ll find plenty of coats and a collection of embroidered tea towels, pillow cases, tablecloths and European farm sheets.


This is the area of research for second-hand and vintage brands like Burberry,ManoloBlahnik, Calvin Klein and Dolce &Gabbana. You will also find popular local names like Laundry Industry and Dries van Noten. The owner of this small quality store is almost always there to lend a hand and his honest opinion.

Vintage Wini

Another find in the Haarlemmerstraat lined with shops, Wini has a sleek and uncluttered interior where he exhibited his well-organized collection of spared clothes. There is also a small section for men and a section for children, so that the whole family can participate. Every Monday, Wini organizes his Monday sale, where he offers discounted clothes arranged in heaps on the tables – a disorganized layout of course, but shoppers can find some of the best vintage deals in the city hiding at bottom of a pile. Start to radiate!


With the branches in Amsterdam, Episode dresses mostly young clientele in thrift shops. Sites in Amsterdam offer men’s and women’s clothing with a strong focus on the 1970s and 1980s. It also offers Halloween and costume accessories and novelty accessories. The location of Berenstraat is slightly more upscale. Their collection of old Levi’s and military jackets is hard to beat.


Not all the flea markets are fashion oriented, but Waterlooplein has made a name for itself as the place to be. Both vintage fashion and more contemporary styles are available here at a reduced price. Think of it as an outdoor mall for second-hand fashion – and multicultural food offerings are more varied and delicious than any food court in the mall.

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