4 Places You Should Visit in Kerala

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There are many states in India that are amazing and worth visiting for a beautiful trip. One such outstanding state is Kerala. It is a state of class and literacy. The state is situated on the tropical Malabar Coast of the country.  Its possession of six hundred kilometres of Arabian Sea shore makes it a great fascination for tourists and travel enthusiasts.  The stunning palm-lined beaches and its backwoods, and a rich network of canals that is famous for cruises make Kerala a spot of stylish spots and amazing landscapes. The state has always been adored for its depth.

Even if you are a couple and want to go for the honeymoon or a special romantic trip, then you should pick Kerala packages for couple. Such a package is certainly going to make you feel really adventurous and thrilled. The experience would wrap you with so much of joviality, fun, adventure, and thrill. The stunning sites and lively areas of this state have a lot to share with you. Have a look at some of the wonderful places of this state below:


Alleppey caps the list of finest tourist spots in Kerala. The houseboat stays, backwoods tours, and peaceful charm fascinate a good number of people to its realm.   A houseboat vacation is what folks look for on their visit to Alleppey. There are zones of gorgeous paddy fields, ancient-fashioned oratories, lakes filled with water lilies and interesting fishing hamlets make Alleppey one of the finest places to visit in Kerala.


An extremely popular hill stations in Kerala is called Munnar. Munnar is one of the premium destinations to visit in this state. With nearly eighty thousand miles of tea plantation, an equal measure of scented vegetation, misty valleys and low-flying clouds, this place is a hill station that has considered as one of the finest spots to visit in this state for exploration and mainly for a romantic honeymoon. Sweet bungalows, comfortable homestays and contented lush hotels and resorts in Munnar make this place the most idealistic and dreamy place.


Situated quite near to Vembanad Lake, Kumarakom is a peaceful tiny hamlet along with attractive sceneries, ever pleasant weather and arresting flora and fauna. You can enjoy a mixture of everything at this place: authentic Kerala food, fresh breezy air, backwater, warmth of Keralite and delicious fresh coconuts; everything would be on your plate.  In case you have love for adventurous deeds then there is much that you can do in Kumarakom. You can go for houseboat stay, boating, cruising and fishing.


Thrissur is popular as the cultural capital of Kerala situated at the central of Thrissur District. The city encompasses many cultural and religious festival of state. ThrissurPooram festival is the most eventful and remarkable among the festivals. If you are pouring in to this place then you should think about the time of festivals. The place is a beautiful area but it gets even more rhythmic and tuneful during the time of festivals.

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