How does the Deep web work?

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We all are quite aware with the fact that Deep web is 99% of the the total internet whereas the Internet that we surf on daily basis is surface which is just 1% of the internet.

There are a lot of illegal things on the internet which includes: Selling of guns/drugs/fake id cards and Hiring of Hitmen/Criminals/hackers.

Have you ever wondered that how these things are managed and worked?

Deep web has Millions of users from the world and transactions worth $500,000 are made on the Deep web every day. This is a huge number and this number is increasing every day.

Today, we will be answering to this question and we will be finding out that how does the Deep work works?

How does the Deep web work?

Deep web can be accessed via Tor. Do you know what makes Deep web free to access?

Tor is funded by a lot of multinational companies and organizations. It is also funded by the US government and Sweden government.

The crazy thing about Tor is that it was created by the US Navy. This is the reason why government has not took any action against the Deep web.

You might be also wondering that who owns the Deep web?  This is one of the most frequently asked question on the topic of Deep web.

There is no particular owner of the Deep web. Deep web is accessible for everyone by using Tor and a proxy.

FBI has tried shutting down the Deep web several times but it is almost impossible to shut down Tor as you have to remove every node from it.

It is clear that Tor or Deep web particularly is not owned by a single owner. It is funded by a lot of governments, organisations and multinational companies. This makes the Deep web free to access using Tor browser.

To browse different tor sites on the Deep web you have to search for the links of that particular website because you can’t search for any particular keyword on the Deep web. There are various ways to find these type of links. These links can be found on,, Reddit, Facebook groups and Tor Deep web links.

You can find Links of the Websites mentioned in or You also get description of the content that you will find on that particular website. The point to be noticed here is that most of the links on these kind of platforms are working and the Deep websites links take more time to load as compared to websites on the surface web. As it is an Uncensored list, you will find some adult content that you may not like.

The only way to access Deep web or Darknet markets is finding their onion links and you can easily browse Deep web once you have got the required links.

This was a bit information about the process by which the Deep web works. It is highly recommended not to visit Deep web as it containing highly brutal and adult content.

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