Top Affordable Omega Watches for new Collectors

Posted On By Leen Bakker

The Omega catchphrase is ‘Time is your Greatest Treasure.’And it is true in every single way.  Time records history. Time records your life.  Time is the most precious thing you have.

It is also for this reason that Omega watches are treasured too. Omega watches are iconic.  They are collector’s items, whether new or old.  Omega watches have been around for over 150 years and are exquisite to look at, perfectly designed, totally precise and of course, use only the best materials.  Each Omega watch is a work of art.

So what are the most affordable Omega watches for a new luxury timepiece collector? Well, you need to do your own research, look online and see what deals you can find.  You might find a new model at a good and accessible price, you might get lucky and pick up an Omega vintage watch for not too much money, and you might choose a slightly used watch.  Remember, no matter what you pay for your Omega watch, it is an investment and always will be of value.

Our best picks for Omega watches that are affordable

Omega Speed master Moon watch Professional

Just like its name, the Omega Speed master Moon watch Professional is synonymous with the moon, space and adventure.    It is a stunning watch to look at and anyone who knows luxury watches will recognize the Speed master Moon watch immediately.  It is an elegant watch, bold and stylish, and can be worn with anything.  The watch has been to the moon, it can also go to black tie events and sailing if it wants too.  The beauty about all Omega watches is they look fantastic but they do not have to be worn for certain events only.  Wear your Omega Speed master Moon watch Professional to work, wear it on holiday, wear it while you bungee jump or receive an award or hanging out in a coffee shop.  Beautiful, stylish, elegant, and perfect to add to any luxury watch collection. 

Omega Seamaster Aqua Terra

You cannot help but think of the ocean when you look at this stunning luxury watch.  The blue and the gold represent the sea, the sky and again, adventure.  This watch looks beautiful on your wrist when you’re on a sailboat, it looks great when you’re playing a game of golf, and it looks just fabulous when you’re in shorts and a t-shirt and walking the dogs.  The Omega Seamaster Aqua Terra is a statement watch, a piece of beauty, a definite collector’s item and adds immediate status and style.  Omega watches in general add to status.  They are power watches, understated and elegant but somehow oozing luxury.


Omega Constellation Co-Axial

Think about the starts, the planets, space, adventure and mystery.  The Omega  Constellation Co-Axial is a hugely popular watch amongst celebrities, sports stars and some of the worlds’s top business people.  If you think about timekeeping and precision, go back in time when people used to tell the time, accurately, via the stars, the sun and the moon. Think of sun dials from ancient tribes and cultures.  Omega are all about perfection.  No Omega watch will ever lose time; they are made with utmost precision, love and beauty.  And they always hold their heritage in mind – nature.

Omega Seamaster Aqua Terra Master Co-Axial

If you haven’t yet decided that you need an Omega luxury watch immediately, then the Omega Seamaster Aqua Terra master Co-Axial will change your mind. If you want a really exquisite luxury watch that is just superb to look at, robust (well, all Omega watches are robust) and has extraordinary mechanics, this is the watch for you.  The chronometer movement is designed to resist all magnetic fields.  This watch is perfection personified.  And we haven’t yet mentioned the style, grace and elegance that this Omega watch epitomizes.  It’s a beauty, it’s a masterpiece, and you never know, you may just find you can afford it too.

There are other stunning Omega watches.  Look online and see which one appeals to you and which one appeals to your budget.  There are limited edition Omega watches, there is a whole range of Omega ‘Best of Blue’ models, Speed master 300, Globemaster, Deep Black, Planet Ocean 600 M and more.  If you want to buy a beautiful gift for someone you love, perhaps the Omega Ladymatic, the Omega Constellation Lady’s Collection is superb.  In fact, I would definitely add the Omega Constellation luxury edition as a real collector’s item.  And it is beautiful.

When you think of an Omega watch for men, you think bold, gold, dark, striking, elegant, graceful and heavy. When you think of an Omega watch for women, you think bold, gold, rose-pink, feminine, romantic, light, beautiful.  Omega watches offer everything.  Style, incredible investment, perfect mechanics and beauty.  If you are just entering the luxury watch market – buy yourself an Omega.  You choose which one!

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