Vital Tips on how to use Google Street View Smartly

use Google Street View

Street View in Google Maps is quite a useful feature and it has one added bonus, which is that it provides you with historical imagery. Google Street view allows you to look at pictures of a place anywhere in the world that you are planning to visit. With Google Street view, you can get instant street view of a particular place, so as to ensure that you get to know about the place in a proper manner without having to visit there. Here are few tips that you can implement to utilize the feature of Google in the most useful way possible.

instant street view

In order to get street view of any place that you want or are looking to visit, you can simply open Google Maps to use street view function. Using the function you can get aid in navigation and exploration viewing the photographs of the place that have been captured using specialized camera equipment along the  road networks of a variety of countries. Moreover, you can also get access to Street View function through Google Earth.

Once you have accessed the street view, now you can find the place using the mouse that you want to explore or is considering having a street view of the same. Searching for a specific place will place a pin on the map of the location and it would then get simple for you to search the exact place using the street view functionality.

Once you have found the location that you want to explore, you are now required to turn on the street view for that particular location. Considering how you got to the location and the version of the map that is installed with the application, you will have different available options to initiate the street view. In case you searched for a particular address or location and a pin appeared on the map, then you can get the street view of that particular location by simply clicking on the photo appearing in the information box when at the time of selection of the pin.

While looking at street view of a particular place, it is important that you around by clicking the mouse or moving the screen on the mobile. With this feature, you can have a look all around the street, the area as well as its connectivity to the town or to important place in the city. All the more, you can utilize the buttons given besides the compass to look around as well. The compass is located at the upper-left corner of the maps section and in the lower-right corner of the section of the map preview.

Using the street view function of the Google Map, not only you can look around but you can move around as well.  The exciting thing about this feature is that you can use completely navigate while using it which makes it all the more useful. The ‘move around’ feature allows you to explore the neighborhoods, go for a virtual vacation, and look for popular landmarks that might come handy when you visit the place in person.

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