Party on your mind? Do this first

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Whip out your favourite shopping app and get cracking on buying the right party dress or saree. We help you find the right stuff.

Going for a party is so much fun, especially when it’s with your close circle of friends. But every time there’s a party, you get a little anxious about what you’re going to wear. If the party is a few days away, you have time to prepare for it and dazzle everyone with the way you look. Getting the online dress shopping out of the way is the first step.

Buying the right clothing

Party wear is unto a class of its own. It is different from casual wear (it’s more formal) and more fun than staid office wear. In fact, it is an accepted rule that one wears dresses and skirts to a party, instead of pants and suits (unless you show up directly from work). You are also expected to stay away from denim jeans and cargos, unless it’s an impromptu bash that you were sucked into at the absolute last minute.

You can look for party dresses when you go online dress shopping on your favourite app like Jabong. The app has a variety of party dresses and party sarees – yes, party sarees are a thing – that you can look through and pick from.

Buying the right party dress from your preferred online dress shopping app is the first thing you should do when prepping for the upcoming do. It’s really simple – set filters on the shopping app for price, colour, fabric and type, and start looking at the available options. You could even compare dresses across multiple online dress shopping apps to get the best option. Make sure that you pick a comfortable fit and good length, in case it’s an all nighter and you’re planning to dance the night away.

Next, buy new shoes, perfume and makeup. Online dress shopping apps also have these product categories on sale. Be sure to pick night time makeup – a darker lip, smokey shade of eye shadow and a hint of rouge on your lips are sufficient. Finish with a perfume, a pair of kitten heels and a smile!

Getting ready for the party

  • Dressing up for a party is a breeze if you get organised beforehand. Buy your clothing, shoes, clutch and accessories well in time so that they may be delivered to your house with sufficient margin for any returns or exchange.
  • Next, lay out all that you are about to wear at arm’s length. Lay the dress out flat on the bed, and place your shoes and accessories close by. Keep your makeup and perfume at hand as well. Do this before you head to your shower and then prep your skin and hair.
  • Wear your makeup and do up your hair. Do this before you wear your dress, so that the makeup gets time to sit on your skin.
  • Now wear your clothes, shoes and accessories.

Spritz on perfume just before heading out of the door. Don’t wear too much of it, or too little.

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