Are High Quality Lenses Worth The Cost?

Why use high quality?

Is it really worth spending so much on a high-quality lens? What are you actually getting for your money is what so many photographers would like to know when making such large purchases. The same thing can be said about clothing, shoes, jewelry and more. Is your focus on spending a lot for “quality” products or spending less on “inferior” products? All of this depends on the user and what they intend to use the product for. Some people take pictures as a hobby; take images of family members, friends, imagery for their own collection. Some take images for professionally as their daily means of getting money. Depending on the use of the camera one can then determine how much it is worth spending. The general desire to take very good pictures is what drives so many photographers to spend a lot of money on lenses. Unlike the 1.74 high index lenses price the camera lenses come with basic lenses that the photographer or user can utilize for basic imagery. Most photographers do decide to change it for a more superior SLR (Single Lens Reflex) as they decide that it fits better to their needs

Is it really worth it?

Different lenses can be used for different situations as well. The same lens cannot be used for a portrait image or a landscape image. What really is the cost difference between lens that are in the low hundred-dollar range and lens in the thousand-dollar range? Is it really worth spending that money on these types of lenses? Are the quality differences really that visibly different to anyone? Whiles taking a look at two models made by Nikon; one ranging at about 300$ and the other one ranging at about 1500$ we saw that both lenses offer excellent aperture ranges and given the fact that they offer a wide aperture as well it makes for an easy usage for creative and attractive defocused backgrounds within an image. Whiles taking into consideration the specs of these two lenses you would be under the impression that they are exactly the same as the focal lengths and aperture ranges are almost identical. In this event you would ask yourself why is there such a price difference between the two? Well, both are great lenses that take sharp images but the 1500$ lens which is the 58mm actually takes sharper images leading to an overall better quality of images. When images were taken to compare the 58mm SLR at 1500 and the 50 mm SLR at 300$ we noticed almost immediately that the 58mm SLR quality is better. Whether the image is taken of a portrait or of a landscape we notice that the quality of the image is significantly better with the 58 mm. Then one would ask oneself; is it worth paying an extra 1000$ for a pair of lens based on the difference? Some would say no as we are now in an era where image modifications can easily be made to remove all the glitches.

Tips to Start a Career as a Database Administrator

Database administration jobs reflect the way to find, store, organize and manage the data. The people who work in this profession are responsible for the growth, planning, and development of the information as well as fixing the problem regarding the user’s queries. It all lies with the performance, reliability, and protection of the information source.

As this job is highly professional in nature, it requires a great command over the subject matter and includes problem-solving, interaction and others skills.

Other than the web-development and networking field database field is also very trending nowadays and offers different positions to the candidates. Database technology has become a crucial component for all kinds of applications and computing tasks. Every organization is depended on their database and they need to organize their data for the smooth functioning of their organization. They are responsible to provide data and information to user’s whenever they want to access.

Now let’s discuss the typical tasks they handle:

  1. Assisting the database design.
  2. Tracking the efficiency of information source
  3. Improving and upgrading the databases.
  4. Establishing and examining the new information source and systems
  5. Reliability and protection of the data
  6. Training the co-workers for feedback and extracting data.

Above mentioned tasks define the existence of DBAs in the organization. Maximum opportunities for entering into this profession arise from the computer system designs and related services industry. It has also been seen that many of the internet service providers, job portals, and data processing industries also provide job opportunities to the database administrators.

There are some of the major tips to start a career in database field:

  1. Get degree: First of all, you need to obtain a bachelor degree in information technology, computer science. Select the courses that cover the topics like database systems, discrete structures, data mining and data structure etc. After completion of the bachelor degree, you can advance your career with master’s degree and can easily apply for a higher post in any organization.
  2. Learn SQL: Since SQL is the basic programming language that used to writing database queries, so you will have to learn it. Learn it through online courses or get certification from any institute to land a job in any reputed organization. When you take SQL courses then you will find many other available courses which you can take. With SQL you can learn Oracle too for advancing your career.
  3. Take Training: In addition to your degree, try to take training or internship from any organization to know about the company work environment.
  4. Search for job opportunities and apply: There are numerous job opportunities for the candidates seeking to get DBA jobs. As there are a number of organizations in India which includes- Oracle, Microsoft, Wipro, TCS and others where job opening are held consistently.

As there is seen a scope and bright future when candidates get into jobs for living a well-settled life. Job seekers can simply visit the job portals and can apply for the job to start a bright and successful career.

Author Bio:

Khushboo Setiya is a blogger an online media enthusiast and who loves to pin down her views on a number of topics that interest a reader. She loves to write about various topics such as Web designing Techniques, Digital marketing, career guidance, Job searching Techniques, IT Development and much more.