Keep Your Steam Roller Clean

Posted On By Leen Bakker

I hadn’t even heard of what a steam roller was, in the context of a pipe anyways, until only just recently. I had seen small and big versions of them in the few years that I’ve been partaking in the kush, but I had no idea until about a couple months ago that that shape of pipe had its own very appropriate name. Since then, however, I have come to know that a steam roller is a very special thing that should only really reasonably be reserved for your veteran stoner buddies to pass around every once in a while.

Smoking out of one is more of a challenge, both mental and physical, a daring challenge that gets you goddamn blitzed, to enjoy with your friends and make some funny stories out of. I say that because smoking out of one is truly not that pleasant since it’s basically a waterless bong. By that I mean that the shape and size of it allows you to really milk your bowl and build up a huge amount of smoke at once, but the water isn’t there to cool it down, so for newcomers the heat and resulting throat irritation can be quite a surprise even if they’re used to hitting huge bowls in their bong. The least you could do to continue having great times sharing a steamroller with friends is keep it clean.

Keeping it clean doesn’t just make it much easier on the eyes, but it actually has a pretty big impact on the quality of the smoke you inhale out of it too. Still, the appearance of it is important in its own right. If you’re gonna save the steamroller for special occasions, you at least want to impress everyone with it when you pull it out and it looks brand new every time right? Besides that, keeping it clean will maintain the highest quality of flavor in every hit, so everyone can at least enjoy the taste of it before hacking out a lung. If that’s not enough to convince you, just think for a second about how much easier it is to clean than a regular little pipe. The shape of it makes it so easy to soak and scrub that there’s really no excuse not to wash it out at least every week or two.

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