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EPF name correction form

Name correction in UAN

Yes, the thing which was the most difficult of the people in PF so far has been solved by EPFO (employees provident fund), most of the people were searching about this How to do name correction in UAN? So far it was only done by the employer, due to which the staff had to face many problems and many people considered it a defeat. All of you will know that if you want to withdraw PF, then your PF and you need to have the same name and date of birth in your papers, such as Aadhaar, PAN card and bank account, you can easily improve your details, but this work was very difficult in PF detail but friends we are happy to tell you that EPFO has just recently received a new rule about using the feature, you can line your name, date of birth and gender (PF detail) improve PF details.

  • First of all, you go to Unified Members portal and log in with your UAN NUMBER and PASSWORD, then you will see an option of “Management” at the top here. After clicking on you will open three more options, at the very bottom, you will see the option of “Modify Basic Detail”, after clicking on it as shown below, a new page will open as shown in front of you.
  • Now, whatever you need to improve on your PF report here is to write a thing (you have to fill the name, date of birth and Gender all three things)
  • On the one hand, the details of your PF in the present are told and you will be seen in the place where you have been given the place to change your name and date of birth and gender (Here is the point that you have your Aadhaar Accordingly, if you have any kind of error already in your Aadhaar then first you can correct it, because whatever you apply for the improvement here on the basis of your After that, after you fill in all the details, click on the update details request, your application will be submitted in the EPFO office.
  • After submitting the request, you will see the status as shown below, where the red colour states that “pending at employer” means that your employer will approve it, your claim will be approved. If you click on the button “zoom” you will see a detailed copy of the application.

Offline Mode: the EPF name correction form You need a joint declaration form on behalf of yourself and your company as an account holder in order to improve the name in the EPF account. Also, you have to apply some required documents too. Filling the details in this form, you have to send it to the Regional EPFO Commissioner. Through this form, you can correct your name, father or husband’s name, PF or EPS account number, birth date, date of joining the company, date of departure from the company. All of these columns are present in the form, you only have to fill the things you need to correct. After that, you and your competitor can sign an authorized person’s sign and after the company seals, you can send it to the concerned EPF officer.

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