Marriage and Other priorities in life

What is the right time to get married and what is the right time to conceive? We have been hearing this quite for some time now. But is this even important to us now? Yes, it is very much. Most of our career minded and we postpone a marriage to the later part of life. Some people postpone a childbirth after marriage due to various reasons. One of the fertility clinic in Mumbai identified that most common reasons for postponing childbirth or pregnancy are:

  1. In order to attain financial stability.
  2. Career ambitions – could be the most crucial phase in their life when they are expecting a promotion or an off-site job relocation
  3. Grow as a couple – some people feel that they need to grow into a better shape as a couple before they start to handle any additional responsibility.

Though all the above reasons are sensible and may practically seem to be important, there are certain factors which we need to give utmost importance before we decide on postponing. It is the fertility quotient of an individual. As we grow old our fertility quotient also gets a hit. It is one of the top factors for infertility among both male and female. The fact that age is very important in fertility, we got to understand these and know the right age or time to get pregnant.

The average age to get married as increases over the decades. Some reasons for this are, 1) education – the minimum time period required for an individual to complete a master’s degree after UG is 6 years. This makes him or her 24 years old by the time a master degree is completed. Then people require at least 3 years to get settled in their job. So it becomes 27. In India, this is when our parents become restless. The keep talking only about marriage when we see or hear them. The most important reason for this is, the society demands so. If a girl is 29 and not married, she is considered to be a bad luck. The society builds taboo around every single factor that we live with.

 Everyone does have priorities and in life and there are few things that got happen at the right time. There will be times when we will ready but our body would not support it. Hence is important to know our fertility quotient even before we take a decision on it. Some of the most common tests which will help in revealing our fertility quotient are a semen analysis for male and transvaginal sonography for female. These tests are available in any fertility clinic in Bangalore, Chennai, Mumbai or any tier -1 city.

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