How to Sell Your Clothes on an Empty Dressing Room?

In times of crisis, we sort and become realistic. No, this electric blue dress, we will not hand it over. So, we part with it. How? On an empty dressing room, of course! Cosmo gives you all the tips to sell your clothes quickly!

Your closets are overflowing and the conclusion is: you do not even wear 1/10 th of your wardrobe. What if your dressing room was teeming with little treasures? To make a little money or find fashion tips, if you went into the empty-dressing room?

Where to sell clothes?

Several options are available to you to sell your clothes without even moving from your sofa (or almost).

 Online sales applications

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They are called Vide dressing, Vestiaire Collective or Vinted their common point? They make your life easier. With just a few clicks, you can upload parts that you no longer carry and wait to see the number of “likes” increase, until a buyer makes you an offer. The shipment of the garment or accessory is framed by the application, no risk of having you!

For luxury pieces, head to “Vestiaire Collective” which establishes a quality control of the item before validating it. As a buyer, you are sure not to have any counterfeit. Conversely, if you are a salesperson, buyers will be reassured to know that the item will first pass into the hands of experts and will be less reluctant to switch to the purchase.

Major fashion events

Once a month, “Violette Sauvage” organizes a giant vacuum-dressing that brings together all fashion lovers! The opportunity to rent a stand in your turn, and to exhibit your most beautiful pieces in the image of an ephemeral shop. Let the salesman inside you speak to the weight of buyers, more than ever motivated to do good business.

For small prices, direction “Les Agaçantes”, a chic sale that does not exceed 30 euros. Ideal for quickly selling your basics (H & M, Zara, Primark)

You can also go directly to thrift stores to sell your clothes. Generally interested in vintage pieces , thrift sellers will love your Levi’s jeans and shorts or military jackets.

Organize a dressing room with girlfriends

Call on your group of girlfriends to sell your clothes together. The idea is simple: set a date, a place (big enough to install carriers and welcome your buyers) and share the event on your social networks. There is a good chance that you will exchange your clothes between you, which will not really help empty your closets. But this is an opportunity to renew the essentials of your dressing room at a lower cost and spend a day with friends!

Tips on quickly selling your clothes on an empty dressing room

  1. Sorting.

Make room to fill his dressing room again. That’s your motivation. The idea is to REALLY do the sorting in your closet. Leave your sensitivity aside and be realistic. There must be clothes that you keep as relics knowing that you will not wear them anymore. Separate yourself once and for all.

Put your clothes in three categories: keep, sell and give. The old H & M t-shirt that you did not leave during your college years, will not leave on an empty-dressing room.

  1. Make beautiful pictures.

When you buy on the canvas, you want to see the product in all its glory. So, we do not skimp on the photos. We provide the presentation of the article for sale. We choose pretty pictures that are well staged with a nice background, no backlight and zoom on the details.

If you participate in a giant dressing room or organize your own dressing room, share your best photos on the Facebook page of the event to encourage the curious to come in your dressing room!

  1. Ensure the description.

No question of ripping off buyers. Just like the photo, you have to take the time to describe the article you want to put on sale. The material, the size, the size, the color (because a photo can sometimes be misleading), the purchase price, the state, the mark, the size of the heel or the length of the dress, the small task if there is … you must be totally transparent about the item you are selling.

  1. Choose the right price.

You must make a good estimate of your clothing. Is it new? With or without a label? From the current collection or not? These are important points in choosing the price. Doing at least 30% on the article seems like a minimum.

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Two schools: Sell a little but expensive or a lot for cheap. It’s up to you to choose yours!

  1. Maintain good relationships with potential buyers.

On an empty dressing room, we ask you questions, we leave you comments, we put you notes even sometimes. So, you must be irreproachable. Responsive, friendly, helpful, you send your article on time and you respond regularly to comments posted.

If you meet directly with your buyers, you will be treated with small details that will make visitors want to draw in your rooms for sale. Feel free to decorate the place with some decorations like light garlands, frames and a large mirror so that the buyer can easily try your item.

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