Essential Tools for Mounting Furniture

Posted On By Leen Bakker

Mounting furniture may seem difficult. But if you want to get started in the installation of your furniture, the use of the appropriate tools will greatly facilitate the task. A quick tour of essential tools for mounting furniture like a pro.

  1. The hammer

The hammer is the essential tool for assembling furniture. Indeed, it is used to plant nails or to remove – this is the case of hammer nail puller – and also has the advantage of reaching very narrow places because of the delicacy of his head. Versatile and multipurpose, the hammer is available to infinity to allow you to mount all your furniture to perfection.

  1. The meter

In DIY, the meter is an inevitable tool, as it is essential to take action when mounting a piece of furniture. A retractor, folding or laser rangefinder, there is something for everyone. Very practical, the rigid meter – or tape – is up to eight meters long. The folding meter – or carpenter – is meanwhile very suitable for measuring all heights, which is essential in the assembly of a piece of furniture.

  1. The cordless drill-driver

Essential tool, it allows to unscrew and screw quickly and effortlessly in a jiffy. Its screwdriver tip can be changed to suit different formats. Wireless models offer great freedom of movement. This tool is mainly used for mounting high furniture and for all drilling work.

  1. The clamp

Very useful, the clamp is one of the tools that must always be with you when mounting a piece of furniture. There are different models, depending on the uses. The flat-nose pliers will pull nails or hold a nut while the rack-and-pinion clamp will fit very well to strong or small gaps, depending on the model chosen.

  1. The level

This tool is a rule that makes it possible to verify that the placed surfaces are perfectly horizontal or vertical, thanks to its bubble to be positioned between the two lines. Very useful for drawing a straight line, which is particularly the case when laying a wall shelf, the level comes in two different models. The spirit level is the traditional model. The laser, line or electronic bubble level provides even greater accuracy and is suitable for measurements requiring high accuracy.

  1. The screwdriver

As the name suggests, it screws and unscrews. Classic or electric, there are different sizes and shapes, including flat and cruciform. Its price range varies between 1 and 60 €. But the best is to invest in a small case incorporating different interchangeable and magnetic screwdriver bits that you will come to fix on the end of your tool. Practical and complete, this bag will allow you a multitude of options depending on the size and shape of the slot of your screw. Another important advantage: you will gain space of home furniture!

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