7 Warning Signs That You Have Blocked Arteries

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Carrying blood, oxygen and nutrients from the heart to the rest of the body, the arteries are essential to the proper functioning of our body. Moreover, healthy arteries can be distinguished when they are flexible, strong, elastic and free of deposits.

However, when multiple substances, including fat, accumulate in the arteries, this functioning is undermined. In fact, the arteries are then blocked, they shrink and harden, this is called atherosclerosis. This disease develops slowly and can be fatal because it causes life-threatening cardiac complications. Thus, it is advisable to know the 7 warning signs of blocked arteries to act as quickly as possible!

The 7 warning signs that your arteries are clogged

  1. Pain in the legs and / or feet

If after walking a short distance, you suffer from heavy legs or foot pain quickly  , this may be a sign that you have blocked arteries. This is due to insufficient blood circulation. Indeed, the blood starts from the heart then goes through the arteries, however if the latter are blocked, the blood circulation will be affected.

  1. Back pain

As well as pain in the legs and / or feet, the back is affected by clogged arteries. Indeed, a decrease in blood circulation causes muscle tension and especially in the back and the lumbar region. Indeed, the reduction of the blood flow causes a weakening of the vertebrae even an increase of the risk of narrowing of a nerve.

  1. General weakness

A general and unusual weakness may be a sign that the arteries begin to clog up as a result of fat deposits and shrink. In addition, this causes a slowing of the blood flow to the heart and thus a weakening of the muscles.

  1. Calf pain

The thickening of the arterial walls limits blood flow and especially in the legs which can cause pain or numbness in the calves. In addition, smoking increases the risk of suffering from clogged arteries and therefore suffering from such pains.

  1. Symptoms of colds or flu

When the arteries become clogged, the risk of having a heart attack increases. Therefore,   blocked arteries for some time may cause symptoms similar to those of the flu or cold, ie high fever, sore throat, body aches and Congested nose can be alarming signs, especially if you have been careful not to catch cold.

  1. Sudden tiredness

If you feel a sudden tiredness all day long, that is to say, without having made special efforts, it can be an obstruction of the arteries. Indeed, when the arteries are clogged and shrink, the heart works more, which explains this sudden fatigue.

  1. Respiratory disorders

Since the heart is not oxygenated enough, the lungs are not enough. As a result, you may have breathing problems if your arteries are clogged.

So, if you notice these signs, a change in diet and physical activity will help reduce these signs, as well as this natural recipe that cleans the arteries!

The recipe that cleans the arteries Ingredients:

– 1 kilo of organic lemons

– 5 bunches of parsley

– 1 tablespoon baking soda

– 12 cups of water


First, start by cleaning the lemons with baking soda and cold water to remove traces of pesticides. Then cut the lemons into slices, put them in boiling water and add baking soda and let stand for an hour. After that, chop the parsley and add it to the lemons. Cook for two to three hours and once cooked, keep the mixture in a glass jar in the refrigerator.

Consume about four tablespoons of the mixture, each morning on an empty stomach, in order to smooth your blood circulation and clean your arteries thanks to the depurative and detoxifying action of this preparation. Indeed, this mixture eliminates toxins present in the body and thus unclogs arteries.

However, if you suffer from  kidney and biliary disorders, heartburn or ulcers, or citrus allergies, avoid this recipe because of its lemon content. This recipe is not recommended for pregnant or breastfeeding women or people with medication, especially anticoagulant treatment.

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