What to Consider When Looking for Office Space in Adelaide

For entrepreneurs looking to open an office in a new city, Adelaide is a great choice. Voted as the fifth most livable city in the world, the South Australia capital is home to some beautiful beaches and great dining options. One of Australia’s most prolific wine regions, the Barossa Valley, is a short drive away and is home to acres upon acres of vineyards, a plethora of wineries and makes for a great place to recharge after a busy work week in the city.

Finding the perfect office space can be a daunting experience when you’re moving to a new city but in Adelaide, there are some great, affordable options. Prestigious locations like Westpac House on King William Street offer an iconic location right in heart of the city centre. While virtual office solutions are growing in popularity among the local business community.

Take some time to consider the following points and you’ll soon secure the perfect office space for your business in Adelaide.

Where to Locate Your Business

We’ve all heard the old adage ‘location, location, location’ time and time again but it’s as important a concept now as it ever has been. Be sure you choose a location that fits the needs of your business, is central and easily accessible for your clients to reach you.

When looking for office space in Adelaide, check the location to ensure you are situated in the most prestigious location possible in the city. From a prime, sought-after office building, you’ll be able to meet with prospective clients easier and secure more deals in the process. With this base, you can move your business in the right direction in your new South Australian home.

Proximity to Local Services

Every business can benefit from being close to local services such as banks, post office, government buildings and so on. With these facilities in close range, you can avail of what they have to offer and you don’t have to spend time trekking across town to make the bank closing time at the end of a busy workday.

Depending on what kind of a business you have, you may also need to consider what other businesses will be in the immediate area. For example, if you deal with a lot of legal documentation, it may be beneficial to know that there are a number of legal offices close by to help you out with processing these documents. Small considerations like these can make a big difference to your business running more efficiently.

Transport Links

Do you travel a lot for business? Or perhaps you have a large volume of clients visiting you from around Australia or even further afield? If this is the case, you need to ensure that your office space is easily accessible by public transport and has good connections with air and rail links. It’s also important to consider parking options, as you don’t want clients to be put off coming to your office just because parking is notoriously difficult and/or expensive in the area.

Being near metro, tram and bus routes can also be helpful not just for visitors but for your staff to reach your office in a cost-effective way. In fact, the tram service is free of charge from the Adelaide Entertainment Centre to South Terrace making it even easier to get around the city.

Other Facilities

For those business owners relocating to Adelaide with a family in tow, or for businesses that will be hiring local staff, it’s important to consider some other facilities in the area.

Are there schools, parks and daycare options in the area? If not, can these facilities be easily accessed by you and/or your employees on the way or on the way home from work? Your staff will thank you for making these considerations and you will have a happier staff for your extra diligence.

Choose a Premium Office Location in Adelaide

Adelaide is a bustling city bursting with opportunities for business owners to capitalize on. It’s home to a well-educated workforce and a welcoming local business community who will make your move that bit easier.

Consider not only your office location but all that surrounds it as it will make life easier for you and your staff as you pursue your business goals in the South Australian capital.

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