Places of must visit in Kolkata

Kolkata which was once the capital of India is now known as the City of Joy. This city is placed at the eastern bank of Hooghly River and it is enriched in culture and history.

It is an old city in India and so one can get to see a lot of old and colonial structures still rising high in this city. It is a perfect amalgamation of new and old when it comes to this city. Enriched with literature, art, and cinema; no doubt it is rightly named as the cultural capital of India.

Victoria Memorial

This is one of the largest marble buildings of Kolkata and it was built in the memory of Queen Victoria. At present this place has turned into a museum as it stores a lot of British and Mughal artifacts. This palace stands high in the central part of the city and it looks gorgeous.

Writers Building

This was used to be the office for the writers who used to serve the British East India Company and then it became the office of the chief minister of Bengal. This is a major landmark in this city but at present, it is not the office of the chief minister. Also, this building is famous as one of the haunted houses of Kolkata.

Indian Museum

It is the oldest and the largest museum present in India. This building is a high and old colonial structure and it has in store some rare collections of armours, ornaments, Mughal paintings, skeletons, and fossils.

Marble Palace

This is a private residence located in the northern part of Kolkata and is one of the elegant and well-maintained houses in the city which is open for the visitors. As the name suggests, the house has only marble walls and floors. Also, this is a storehouse for many sculptures and paintings most of them are Victorian.

Jorasanko Thakur Bari

Located near Marble Palace this is the famous Thakur Bari where the world famous poet Rabindranath Tagire was born. This is also known as the Tagore museum and a must visit place in the city.

National Library

Another haunted destination of Kolkata and also the largest library of India where the collection of books exceeds 2.2 million. They have a lot of materials which have become out of print and they are preserved there strictly.

Belur Math

This is located on the western bank of the Hoogly River and it is the headquarter of Ramakrishna math. This place also has a temple and an institution. Dakshineshwar Kali Temple


This is located a bit away from the city and is dedicated to goddess Bhavatarini (another name of Kali deity) and this one is very popular. People from all over India come here to offer their prayers.

St. Paul’s Cathedral

This is a united church and it is a part of the Anglican Communion. Located in the heart of Kolkata this church is a place of must visit.

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