Weight Loss and Bodybuilding Myths That Can Disrupt Your Plans for a Perfect Body


Losing weight to build a perfect body is a difficult task at the best of times because apart from working out intensively, you may need to make drastic changes to your lifestyle and eating habits. There are a very large number of tips for losing weight, however, many of them are unscientific. Some common myths that you should be aware of so that you can ensure that your weight loss is both successful and enduring:

Detox Diets Are Good for Losing Weight

While the efficacy of detox formulas is suspect, what is real is that these diets often impose stiff restrictions on the calorie intake. This leads to a metabolic slowdown as the body anticipates starvation.Weight loss becomes more difficult and when you revert to a normal diet, you tend to gain weight faster. Drink more water to flush out toxins andeat colorful fruits and veggies that are high in natural antioxidants.

All Calories Are the Same


As far as weight loss is concerned, calories from protein-rich foods as well as high-fiber foods have been proven to boost the metabolic rate. A diet rich in low-glycemic index foodstuffs like whole grains, milk, and vegetables keeps you full for a longer time and reduces your tendency to overeat. Both protein and fiber act to slow down digestion and thus the body is able to use the nutrients more efficiently. The best way of losing weight and building mass is to ensure that your meals are balanced with the right amounts of protein, carbs, and fat. You can try out steroids to accelerate the process of bodybuilding.

Drop the Carbs for Best Weight Loss

Typically, in the absence of carbs to deliver energy, the body tries to burn other resources to fulfill its energy demand. Initially, you lose weight due to loss of water, and then the body starts breaking down the muscles. Your metabolism automatically becomes slower and continued weight loss becomes difficult. When you start having a normal diet, you tend to gain back all the lost weight; this is why crash diets are unsuccessful in the long-term.

Gluten-Free Is the Way to Go

Going gluten-free is touted as a very effective way of losing weight and improving health, however, gluten-sensitivity is an issue for only very few people. The real reason why you tend to lose more weight with a gluten-free diet is that you make a conscious choice to have more vegetables and grains like brown rice and quinoa that have more fiber that reduces your appetite and you lose weight. Remember, many gluten-free foods can still be very unhealthy in the matter of weight loss.


Weight loss can never happen by accident or due to fads. You need to not only work very hard in the gym but also make the proper dietary choices. Ensure that what you eat delivers both calories and nutrition. Cutting out refined carbs and junk food that contains empty calories is a good way for laying the foundation of enduring weight-loss.

Author Bio: Gary Anderson is the editor of a health and fitness magazine popular among weight-watchers and fitness enthusiasts. Gary has published a number of stories on the rapid adoption of steroids by people looking to lose weight while building muscles.

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