5 Perfect Hacks For College Students

Hello there. Having a great time at college, aren’t you? That’s great to listen to but then the college campus part is all different from the independent living in hostels and the studies part. This is the time where you are all growing mentally into this world to fit in its super-jet speed of working. And so, to learn every skill that one needs to make, the first thing is to have everything set right in stable atmosphere. And that is something you can achieve by simply ticking off problems that keep your mind at bay from the real issues. I know a few of them and so, I have a few solutions to them. Read on

1. The Syllabus Hack

The syllabus is mounting up day by day and it almost feels like if you miss any single class the whole subject will fly away above your head. And also, with while new things to check out and do like trainings, competitive exams and internships, sometimes it happens that college studies take a backseat. So to help with this, is firstly the technology like apps like Coursera, Brainscape, Flashkart+, Dictionary, Quizlet and many more that  you can check out and they are quite amazing and also are helpful for overall syllabus preparation.

2. The Attendance Mix up

Everything goes fine, your studies, co curricular activities, internships and trainings but what almost causes a whirl-storm in your life is lack of attendance which pretty soon turns to be a rather embarrassing and difficult situation for you. To avoid this, there are many things that you can do, like attend the initial classes regularly to be strong on the subject. You can use apps like Frapp and Attendance Tracker that will help you keep track of the attendance and also will guide to at least be near the 75% mark. Also, attending classes whenever possible is the best solution.

3. The Space Hack

Living in rooms and hostels can be difficult if things are not going your way. At home, making space becomes easier (Well only because your Mom does it for you!), as there is enough room for adjustments. But living independently can be quite a issue with how things are fitting in miniature spaces. But let this not big you down. Let your clothes fit into cupboards or racks by folding them into perfect squares instead of just stuffing them in. You can also use use soda pop tabs to hang two or more clothes in a single hanger. Adding racks is however the best solution for space issues.

4. The Atmosphere Issues

Well, usually it happens that at what prices you are able to afford rooms, they are just small little cabins with only one door and a window that too with very bad quality air letting in as such areas have not that good atmosphere and are usually polluted. So one thing you can do is wet a towel and hang it in front of the window. The air itself gets cooler and also comes out clean. Trying to use dryer sheets on table fans and ACs help in removing the smell from the air inside the room. The costs of room fresheners is thus saved.

5. The Reusing Stuff Hacks.

Here are a series of things you can do by not throwing away stuff you buy but instead use them wisely in daily activities. Have a look.
– Instead of throwing away the plastic bottles, use them as containers by thoroughly washing them first and cutting them according to the size you need.
– Place the speaker part of your phone in a slit of your empty cardboard toilet roll and bam, you have your own speakers.
– Use your old Coca-Cola cans as stationary holders on your desk and they can also help with the toiletries.

– If your kitchen has racks, then just slide in a old board  just above the highest shelf and there you have you have your easy slide cutting place.
– Use 3M hooks to mount your phone or tablet on and enjoy binge watching anytime you want to.

So here are a few things that I have myself tried and my friends too have tried. So now it is your time to check them out and let me know how you liked them. Have a nice time at college.

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