A Guide to Third-Party Bike Insurance

As mandated by the Indian Motor Vehicles Act, 1988, every two wheeler running on Indian roads should have compulsory bike insurance. This insurance that is being bought along with the new vehicle from the showroom by every new buyer is basically third-party bike insurance. Understanding what a third party bike insurance is pretty simple and straight forward. A third party insurance plan is a policy that covers the bike owner against any damage caused to a third party during an accident. A third party is anyone who can claim a compensation for injury, losses or damage to their vehicle or property by your two wheeler. This claim by the third party is made to your insurance policy for the damage or losses as a ‘third-party insurance claim’.

Advantages of Third Party Bike Insurance:

  • Third party bike insurance policy protects the owner of the two wheeler or the rider against any legal proceduresinitiated due to damage to the third party by the policy owners vehicle. As discussed, the third party is defined as an individual, property or owner of the other vehicle with whom the accident might have took place.
  • The premium paid for a third party insurance cover is less compared to the comprehensive insurance cover. Since this is the basic form of bike insurance and does not cover any personal accidental coverage, the premium amounts are comparatively low and hence considered more economical.
  • A third party two-wheeler insurance policy can be bought easily since it requires lesser documentation as compared to a comprehensive insurance cover. The reason for the necessity of lesser documentation is that the insurance policy covers the third party only and not the insured and his vehicle.

Coverage of Third Party Bike Insurance:

  • The basic coverage provided by a typical Third Party insurance policy is:
  • Physical injury to the third party: If in the event of an accident the third party is injured bodily, claims can be made to the insurance company for all medical expenses incurred while treating the injury, compensation for any loss of income brought in by the injury and to a greater extent, compensation for any physical disability arising from an accident with your two wheeler.
  • Damage to property of the third party: Third party insurance policy covers any damages made to the third party property. The process is a bit lengthy and tedious compared to the claims made on physical injury. To ascertain the total value of the loss, a surveyor is usually employed who submits a report after careful inspection of the loss. A bike inspection report from the surveyor is also submitted while claiming any compensation from the insurance company.

Liability Limits:

The claim by the third party for any losses or damage is paid (as per the limits stated in the policy) by the insurer of the insured vehicle under the third party two wheeler insurance policy

There is a certain cap of coverage offered by any insurer. That means compensation is paid only for an amount that is capped. Any damage that is ascertained to be more than what the cap is stated in the policy needs to be paid by the policyholder to the third party.

Premium Paid:

The premium rate for a third party two wheeler insurance policy is governed by the regulator and is standard across various insurers. However, the amount to be paid as premium depends on the model of the two-wheeler. Usually bikes with greater CC have a higher premium for the policy.

It is important to note that a third party bike insurance plan is designed solely for the benefit of the third party and claims made by them. It does not cover the actual policy holder in any way. Thus, if a vehicle owner wishes to get additional coverage for self in case of any unfortunate event, comprehensive bike insurance policy would be the best option.

The Ultimate Guide to Staying Fit and Healthy for Years – Essential Tips You MustFollow!

Staying healthy is essential, especially if you want to live life with optimum enthusiasm and positive energy. We grow old, and our body becomes hatching ground of different diseases. People suffer from joint aches, muscle pains, digestive problems and many other common health disorders. To stay away from such health-related issues, living standards and practices should be embraced. For healthy living, you need to know a few things and those things are discussed in the following section of this article. To be more specific, in the following section we shall discuss simple lifestyle changes that can keep you healthy for a long time.

Drinking Water Adequately

Drinking water is the healthiest habit which one should embrace right from childhood. We all understand the importance of drinking adequate water. But, we cannot plan and drink enough water on regular basis. To make sure that you drink adequate water, you need to plan your daily water drinking schedule. You must drink some water in every hour, as this will give you better immunity level by wiping out toxic elements from your body. Drinking water is also essential for keeping kidneys in the better working state. Drinking water also helps in food digestion and fat burning. With such multiple benefits, you cannot certainly ignore drinking water adequately on a daily basis.

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Sleeping at Least 6 Hours

Sleeping is vital for healthy living. During our sleep, some organs stay active and perform some vital body functions. An adult must sleep at least for 6-8 hours. Sleeping more than 8 hours is not good. Similarly, sleeping lesser than 6-8 hours is also harmful. You need to give adequate rest to body otherwise toxin level shall increase in your body. This would eventually lead to lowering down body immunity, and that could result in unhealthy living. You shall become easily vulnerable to various diseases.

Walking, Running and Other Exercises

Our body needs exercise otherwise muscles get stiff. Not moving the body or not indulging in physical activities can result in muscle pain and various other kinds of physical disruptions. This is why exercise is essential. If you do not get enough time to exercise for throughout the day, you need to wake up early in the morning and go for walking or running sessions. Indulging in sporting activities, which require physical movement, is also a good thing. For more information, you can check crazybulk reviews.

Avoiding Junk Foods

Avoiding junk foods or unhealthy fried stuff is essential. Instead of junk foods, you need to embrace healthy foods, which contain a lot of green vegetables. Most importantly, your body needs balanced dieting. For balanced dieting, you need to consult with an experienced dietician. You shall get tips for scheduling diets from them as well. To keep body toxin free, it is essential to include some foods that are considered as rich sources for body fibers.

The secrets I have shared above will help you to stay healthy and fit in the long run. Just make sure that you don’t lose your motivation after some time and follow with full dedication.

Tips To Be Successful In Weight Loss Goals

When it comes to weight loss, there are several pills and medicines that you can find in the market claiming to help you lead toward the body that you desire. However, there are more steps that you can take which can just be as effective for your goals. What are some of the tips to gain success in achieving weight loss goals?

Weight Loss Program

It’s All About You

Weight loss greatly relies upon your desire to do it with responsibility. It takes courage, consistency, discipline and determination in order to achieve the body weight that you deserve and that you need. There are people who appear bigger than anybody else and more efforts and commitment should come from them. Losing these pounds in as little as 10 pounds for instance can never be easy, and you have to turn these into daily habits.

Two Important Factors

There are three major factors that you should not forget when it comes to weight loss. These are proper diet and exercise. Only one of these formula cannot lead you to get the body that you deserve. Nevertheless, if you are keen about doing what you must, then you should be able to see your dreams come true.

If you are tired of being bullied because you are overweight, then it is important that you begin with your life today and change the way you live for tomorrow. It takes courage to start. Whenever you are ready, make sure that you can maintain your discipline throughout the day.

Moving Forward

Aside from proper diet and exercise, there are other programs that you can take in order to experience the best of these results. Some of the most common ones include working on your hormones.

Your hormones play an important role when it comes to losing your weight and maintaining the right mass. They work for digestion, circulation, respiration, and almost any other system in the body. Hundred of workout plans out there can threaten the way you live your life and the way you do things for yourself, so it is important that you study each of them and find only those that can help you achieve more.

Weight Loss Program With Hormones

One of these programs has been known as the Human Chorionic Gonadotropin weight loss program offered by many advanced clinics in the market. It is a physician-monitored treatment that is provided for people who are struggling with their weight and those who want to suppress their appetite.

Aside from their main function, this hormone works by reducing cravings and stabilizing the patient’s metabolism at all times. The program involves assessment of fat and weight with the advice and guidance from a doctor. The diet plan will also be carried out in these programs.

The clinic will let you know about the advantages of these kinds of treatment which are designed so patients can stay effective along with the track. The hormone has also been part of the many plans that can reduce fats in the organs, a key component in various issues with your health.

Weight Loss and Bodybuilding Myths That Can Disrupt Your Plans for a Perfect Body

Losing weight to build a perfect body is a difficult task at the best of times because apart from working out intensively, you may need to make drastic changes to your lifestyle and eating habits. There are a very large number of tips for losing weight, however, many of them are unscientific. Some common myths that you should be aware of so that you can ensure that your weight loss is both successful and enduring:

Detox Diets Are Good for Losing Weight

While the efficacy of detox formulas is suspect, what is real is that these diets often impose stiff restrictions on the calorie intake. This leads to a metabolic slowdown as the body anticipates starvation.Weight loss becomes more difficult and when you revert to a normal diet, you tend to gain weight faster. Drink more water to flush out toxins andeat colorful fruits and veggies that are high in natural antioxidants.

All Calories Are the Same


As far as weight loss is concerned, calories from protein-rich foods as well as high-fiber foods have been proven to boost the metabolic rate. A diet rich in low-glycemic index foodstuffs like whole grains, milk, and vegetables keeps you full for a longer time and reduces your tendency to overeat. Both protein and fiber act to slow down digestion and thus the body is able to use the nutrients more efficiently. The best way of losing weight and building mass is to ensure that your meals are balanced with the right amounts of protein, carbs, and fat. You can try out steroids to accelerate the process of bodybuilding.

Drop the Carbs for Best Weight Loss

Typically, in the absence of carbs to deliver energy, the body tries to burn other resources to fulfill its energy demand. Initially, you lose weight due to loss of water, and then the body starts breaking down the muscles. Your metabolism automatically becomes slower and continued weight loss becomes difficult. When you start having a normal diet, you tend to gain back all the lost weight; this is why crash diets are unsuccessful in the long-term.

Gluten-Free Is the Way to Go

Going gluten-free is touted as a very effective way of losing weight and improving health, however, gluten-sensitivity is an issue for only very few people. The real reason why you tend to lose more weight with a gluten-free diet is that you make a conscious choice to have more vegetables and grains like brown rice and quinoa that have more fiber that reduces your appetite and you lose weight. Remember, many gluten-free foods can still be very unhealthy in the matter of weight loss.


Weight loss can never happen by accident or due to fads. You need to not only work very hard in the gym but also make the proper dietary choices. Ensure that what you eat delivers both calories and nutrition. Cutting out refined carbs and junk food that contains empty calories is a good way for laying the foundation of enduring weight-loss.

Author Bio: Gary Anderson is the editor of a health and fitness magazine popular among weight-watchers and fitness enthusiasts. Gary has published a number of stories on the rapid adoption of steroids by people looking to lose weight while building muscles.

Beat the traffic woes and long queues with Indian food delivery services

The kingdom of dreams is housed in the IT city of Gurgaon, now known as Gurugram. It has numerous IT parks and entertainment parks as well. The population and pollution woes are never ending when one wants to dine out with family and friends. A city which lives the culture of “work hard and party harder”, best utilizes the Indian food delivery services. It becomes a distant idea to start from home in the evening, make plans to have a get together and then discuss upon the menu, wait for at least forty five minutes and then finally satiate the burning desire for food. In such a scenario the wisest option is to order food online. Gurgaon offers a variety of options ranging from Thai to Lebanese to Indian menus.

Indian food deliveryservices have gained immense popularity and have made the restaurants and food hubs the best 3AM friends. The reason for this is obvious, young blood prefers a hustle free lifestyle. They want to enjoy Chinese Noodles from a Chinese food specialist like Mainland China, but want to escape the traffic woes and waiting queues. The ease of placing an order for food online in Gurgaon, has made it more prevalent and the obvious choice. Also the focus on quality service and quick delivery by the food vendors has added a cherry on the cake. Not, to forget how online orders for food are now clubbed with movie tickets or a visit to some entertainment park.

Indian food delivery

The zeal to celebrate life a little more and strong believe in YOLO (You Only Live Once) philosophy, has made the young working professionals top rating customers who opt to order food online in Gurgaon. Moreover, they are accustomed to make random plans for parties or get together. Be it old friends reunion or celebration of childhood memories, the best option is to order a favorite pizza from the nearest Italian Outlet and have the gossips, dance, music and much more at the comfort of home with no track of time. Also if some people choose to booze a little more than normal, then they can be taken care of. Contrary to going out to some late night pub and then caught by the traffic police for driving being drunk, this is a better and safer option. Also the enjoyment can be doubled with some prior arrangements for the party lighting and sitting arrangements.

It is important to mention here that, despite the fact Gurgaon has one of the best malls like ambience mall, DLF mall, etc. the popularity of online food is unaffected. It is the tourists or people new in Gurgaon, who visit these places. The people who call Gurgaon their home, prefer to beat the long waiting hours on road with the easy option of ordering food online. To add to the worth of money, being spend there are sites like Zomato, which provide honest ratings and reviews from real customers. This helps in making better food choices for a special perfect evening.

Personalized Gifts for Your First Wedding Anniversary

Anniversaries are special days for couples where they celebrate their years of togetherness. These are even more special when you are newly married or are extremely old and want to look back on all the beautiful years you have spent together. These days, you can customize almost anything that you own from your clothing to your electronics however, it can get a little pricey. If you want to customize things for your first wedding anniversary, there are tons of budget friendly options available for you. Here are a few things you can get customized for your first wedding anniversary –

Beddings and pillow covers
A lot of companies do personalized writings and quotes or names on beddings and pillow covers. You can get these printed or even embroidered based on what you like and prefer. These are generally a bit expensive considering the amount of work and time that goes into creating these templates on their beddings. A lot of couples do this prior to their weddings or even on their anniversaries to keep the romance flowing through their marriage. This is a super adorable idea for young couples who are newly married.

Bathroom accessories
Let’s not forget the beautiful yet cheesy ‘his & hers’ bathroom accessories that a lot of couples which they had! Now, you can have it too. You can easily customize these bathroom accessories or directly buy them off any website that sells gift items for couples and anniversary gifts. A lot of websites that do online flower delivery in Ajmer also do anniversary gift sets which are generally quite affordable. You can also customize your hand towels, bath towels, bath robs and even your accessory cases such as toothbrush holders, shaving items etc.

Couples’ t-shirts
These are great for first anniversary parties for couple who like to get too cheesy and fun. Couples’ t-shirts have cute messages like ‘he’s mine’ ‘she’s mine’ and so on. You can either get these ready made online at any gifting store or get them custom made at apparel stores across the cities. It’s best to buy ready to wear clothes when it comes to such accessories rather than starting from scratch with the entire message and the printing. You can also get these customized in hoodies, dresses, caps, shoes etc. so you can literally go all the way with the apparel!

A lot of gifting websites do customized gifting and online flower delivery in Ajmer, Raipur and other areas across India for affordable shipping rates, so you don’t have to worry about the extra costs. So, what are you waiting for? Get your hands on all your personalized couple’s accessories that you will use for years to come and think of your first wedding anniversary! Don’t forget to surprise your partner with a bunch of fresh roses, a box of chocolates and an anniversary cake along with all these gifts. No special day is complete without a good cake, gifts, chocolates and a lot of smile! Enjoy your anniversary!

Benefits of using Bolted Water Tanks

Do you have trouble finding a storage facility for your grains? Could you be working for a water company and you are currently looking for a storage space? If the answer is yes then you have just landed in the right place. This article is all about bolted tanks and why they are a good choice for you. Below are some of the benefits you get from using bolted water tanks.

Long-term storage

bolted tanks

Using a bolted water tank means having a storage facility that will be around for a long period of time. This is because the tanks are usually made of steel, which is always durable and can stand the test of time therefore they are able to serve you for a long time.

Has may uses

Well, as the name suggests, one might be tempted to think that bolted water tanks are always used for water storage alone. Yes, they can be used for water storage but they can be used for other things too. Bolted water tanks can be used as food storage facilities or silos, they can be used as chemical storage in industries or even as a storage facility for firefighting equipment.


With bolted water tanks, you can be sure that you are using a quality product. This is because they usually meet a lot of government standards. The bolted water tanks are always constructed to meet the AWWA and NFPA specifications. This makes them more superior than their counterparts the welded steel tanks.


Bolted water tanks are usually resistant to any forces of nature hence cannot be affected by any weather condition. You can take a look at how they are engineered here. They are also resistant to fire and cannot be eaten away by termites. This also helps in increasing the durability of the tank and since it is resistant to almost everything, you can always be sure that whatever is inside is safe.

Competitively priced

These tanks are usually affordable and this makes them to be easily accessed to be used for storing purposes. It can be used for both the industrial and commercial purposes. Bolted water tanks have also been found to be highly hygienic and water stored in them are have almost zero chances of being contaminated and spreading any water-borne diseases.


When using bolted water tanks, you won’t have to worry about where you will dispose it off when the time comes. Bolted water tanks can be recycled and this helps in saving both energy and water because of the easy disposal systems. Well, some rust might be seen in some areas with time but you don’t have to worry about this because steel has a sturdy nature hence your tank will never fail.

Cost saving installation

This is true because with the bolted water tanks, we’ve seen some innovations being made in relation to their installation and construction. These tanks can store almost anything in bulk for industrial purposes for a long time. This is seen as one of the great improvements on bolted water tanks over welded or concrete tanks. They also have minimal manufacturing and installation time. Bolted water tanks also has some enamel coating and with this, you won’t have to think about repainting. They also give you the ability to customize the roof systems with regards to what you want to store inside them. Bolted tanks are also easy to maintain when it comes to industrial storage purposes.

Huge storage capacity

Maybe this was the main reason why people decided to come up with bolted water tanks. They practically can offer you a storage capacity of up to 2.5 million gallons. Besides, when steel is subjected to heat and pressure it usually expands. This also helps in ensuring a large storage capacity to hold large quantities of anything. This is seen as a major advantage over riveted tanks and if they are well manufactured and installed with proper standards, they can last up to about 50 to 60 years.

These are just some of the advantages you can get when you decide to use bolted water tanks for your storage purposes over the concrete or welded tanks. These tanks can also be repaired in case of any defects while they are still in use. The installation process usually takes a short time and is also easy. Try using bolted water tanks today and you will not regret the experience.

Things you need to add in your resume

Are you planning to write a medical resume? Well, here are the tips that you need to know before writing a medical resume. Whether you are going to write a resume for doctors, surgeon or pharmacist, you must know how to build an effective resume that reflects what you are. Make sure that all the required details are added to your resume.

  • Personal Details:

For instance, you submitted your resume to an interviewer, and probably you have cracked that interview, but you forgot to mention what your contact detail is. So, how would it be for you? Is there any chance you have given an interviewer to communicate with you? Obviously no! How can your employer contact you in the absence of your contact details and address? So make sure that you have included all the essential personal details in your CV to avoid such an instance. So, what personal data should a professional CV have?

When it comes to personal details, your name, locality and email address are essential. However, be sure that you have added the contact address and mobile numbers of you. On top of that, add your nationality, place of birth and gender for more reference.

  • Education and qualifications:

Most students provide the details of their master degree; however, it would be better if you include your marks and qualifications of secondary school level by which your employer can compare your marks you scored in school and college. Probably your employees ask you what is your mark in M3, M4, etc. Therefore, you can add the percentage along with the place where you have studied. If you think that the educational qualification of you will not attract your employer, add your skill and talent that you developed during your college life.

  • Relevant Skills:

This section is the essential part of a CV. Before putting your relevant skills on the paper, just analyze the type of talent that the particular healthcare unit requires. Healthcare resume writing service provides a comprehensive resume as per the student needs, which includes adding all the required details like qualification, skill etc.

The Internet is the best platform to get to know more about meditation!

Everybody wants to lead a happy life so many people often make great efforts in order to achieve it but one cannot guarantee the effectiveness of all such efforts in attaining the desired results. It is because it becomes more of important aspect for people to find the real factors those results in such occurrences. This refers to the healthy life of an individual and being healthy could provide greater support to people in managing all their duties and resulting in an effective and a happy way of living. But this becomes more of an issue with the ever increasing health defects among people. In most cases, people pay more attention to any of their physiological health defects and they fail to understand that their mental health also plays its part in influencing the health of the individual. So, many would look for the best way to get rid of such health disorders for good. This calls for the modern effective treatment centers to get the best results but all of such modern methods involve great cost which may not be suitable for a certain group of people. In such cases, it is better to look for the natural way of preventing any of such mental health issues. This includes meditation that provides the best set of treatments to people. And today there are also modern online sites made available that contain detailed information on how to lead a meditation in a more effective way.

Online and the guidance!                                                                                  

As mentioned earlier, Meditation is one among the natural method of medical practices which has been practiced among people for several thousands of years. It doesn’t involve any complex body movements as that of other treatment plans but it proves to be much more effective in terms of helping people to get rid of their stress and to remain more mindful. So many people have started preferring them as a routine activity on their busier lifestyle. As a result, many of the modern organizations are made available today that provides such services in more of a professionalized way. And there are also several online websites available that contain the complete information that explains how to lead a meditation in a more effective way.

3 Tricks That Will Help to Increase Your Email Click-Through Rate

Want to know how to boost your Click-Through rate? For that, you’ll need to nurture your email list. It is just because no one wants to receive an email from an unknown resource or brand.

In a day averagely 13 plus emails are hitting the inbox from your subscribers. The vital key is making strong relationships with your customers, if it’s not then the 13 + emails will not be noticed, let it alone waiting for attention. Let’s start to discuss the tricks that will help to boost your email click rates.

Create a Shortage Effect

By creating an action of urgency, it is the best way to convince your list to engage with your emails. This effort will work because when you make urgent actions, like deadline offers or timing offers this will provoke the list by engaging.

These actions can be done by doing a emails campaign monitor. There are two types of urgency actions can be used in email marketing, time-based urgency, and shortage based urgency.

Time-based actions attract the prospects to engage with the email they receive by giving a deadline to take offers or purchase. On the other hand shortage based activity attracts the prospects to make it work as like as making limited suggestions on a particular timing.

Personalized Emails

The best way to increases the click rate is to send an email in a personalized way. By submitting personal and unique emails of your individual subscriber’s list are more likely to engage with emails.

The next one is manually personalized emails to an individual on the list this is where email segmentation comes in. Segmenting the list can lead to knowledge about the audience behavior and interests on the regular basis.

There are many tools you can afford to segment you’re the list and build a targeted and behavior based email list on the visitor’s activity. Once you are done segmenting you can send personalized emails based on the activity. You can send information about your products or email marketing services or notify the audience about your recent upgrade or activity also finally you can send promotions.

Unsubscription Notice to Inactive Audiences

The grim reality of email marketing is that 60% of emails list is full of inactive email subscribers. So, in the list everyone costs you, what you have to do is make sure that everyone on the list is active by often cleaning up the inactive or dead users in the subscription.

By having a high number of dead users can affect your email deliverability and also it can mark as spam. The best way to start cleaning up is to make an offer they can’t resist. Send a Unsubscription mail to the list of inactive audiences. Additionally, adds an option for inactive users to remain in the subscription list by clicking “keep me active or subscribed.”