Jim Byrne KCOY Weatherman- Difference Between A Climatologist & Meteorologist

When it comes to the study of weather patterns, you will find that both climatologists and meteorologists are very popular. Both are scientists that study the atmosphere and predict the weather. However, both are not the same as meteorologists specialize on weather conditions that are short-term and climatologists focus on weather conditions that are long term. When it comes to the issue of global warming, you will find that there is a difference between meteorologists and climatologists.

Jim Byrne KCOY Weatherman- Understand the how weather and climate changes are measured

Jim Byrne, is a popular weatherman at KCOY and he says that when it comes to studying the climate and weather both these scientists use satellite and radar data. He is well known in his field and has been the consulting meteorologist with Weather Channel Program. He has been the Chief Meteorologist for KCOY CBS- 12and a freelance weekend meteorologist at NBC Bay Area. He is from Dublin however now he resides in Santa Maria in California. The Jim Byrne KCOY Weatherman team of experts use computer models that are sophisticated in nature to predict the changes in the weather. Jim Byrne says that when it comes to the prediction of the weather and climate on radio and television, it is very important for the weatherman to have very good communication skills.

The US Bureau of Labor Statistics state that there are two kinds of meteorologists- the meteorologists that appear on TV and radio are known as broadcast meteorologists. They prepare the weather forecasts and deliver them on news programs for television and radio. The second type of meteorologists are research meteorologists that work for colleges and the government. They collect and they analyze the data while they produce these forecasts.

Climatologists are also called climate scientists and they study the present and past weather patterns to predict trends for the long-run. They examine and predict the changes in precipitation or temperature and they are employed in government offices, research firms and educational institutions.

Differences in their work

He says that when it comes to the key differences between the meteorologists and climatologists, they lie in the time approaches when it comes to the study and the examination of weather and climatic trends. Meteorologists predict weather forecasts that will predict the weather for a short period of time like about seven to ten days. On the other hand, climatologists employ a perspective that is long-term in nature. They develop and they examine models that are used for the prediction of weather changes and patterns that are to occur or take place in the months or even years to come.

The Jim Byrne KCOY Weatherman team work together to bring viewers the changes in rain or climate that is likely to take place in a day or two. He says that a climatologist will predict the changes in the patterns of the climate- they will predict whether people in a specific geographical location will experience more or less rainfall on an average in the forthcoming years to come.

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