How to become an English proofreader?

If you have a good command over English and want to establish your career in the publishing and editing house, then proofreading is something you should definitely be an expert in. English proofreading means you will have to go thought the document provided to you by the client and then carefully looking into it so that there is no error in spelling, grammar, formation of sentences ot typographical error. Although it seems a very easy and minor task, it is not so actually. One needs to be really good and efficient to be a good proofreader.

Here are some tips to become an English proofreader

  • In the beginning, you have to be professional. You should make it clear to both yourself and to your client that you are not going to compromise with anything whether it is about the rates of extra work without compensation.
  • You need to gain mastery over English. You need to have a good stock of word and proper knowledge about placing those words in the document. Never hesitate to look up the dictionary whenever you need it. Keep on increasing your vocabulary whenever you feel like.
  • You always need to be honest. There are many proofreaders who are more into making money that to be dedicated in their work. You should know the value of your work. Someone’s business or career is entirely dependent on your review and scrutiny. So you should be dedicated to that level.
  • Follow the work of other established proofreaders and go through their writing styles. Then chalk out one style for yourself. But do not keep yourself confined to one writing style only, Make yourself dynamic and flexible enough to proofread any document assigned to you accordingly.
  • If you want to go to academic proofreading, then you should concentrate both on the sentence structure and also various referencing styles that are required in a thesis. You shall get hired only if you possess adequate knowledge and skills in both these areas. You can also work for the professors who need to prepare lectures and references for their classes. While proofreading their documents, try to have a rough idea on their subjects as well.
  • Since proofreading is a very competitive job because a lot of people are trying to pursue this venture, you need to know the marketing skills very well.
  • Always make sure to check plagiarism. Also, while substituting for a word or sentence, do not simply copy and paste from the internet. Be unique and find your own substitute work.
  • People do not like delays. You should be fast enough and always active while proofreading someone’s documents. Also, the best way is to cross check again and again until you are fully satisfied.

All these skills together contribute in making you a professional English proofreader whom everybody would like to hire. There are many other ways through which you can keep on enhancing your work and become an expert in this area.

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