The Most Photogenic Locations to Explore on a Manali Tour

Manali is one of the most photogenic locations in the world. Travelling here with a good DSLR camera is must when you are travelling with your friends. Several Bollywood, as well as Hollywood movies, are shot in the wilderness of Manali. So, if you are planning on booking a Manali tour package, make sure that it consists of at least one of these locations to capture some great memories.


If you are travelling with friends, visiting the small town of Kasol is a must. You should spend at least one night camping beneath the stars here to feel truly in touch with nature. Kasol is filled with lush green mountains surrounded by snow-covered peaks. This scene makes for a perfect landscape picture that will look great in your portfolio. Do carry your ultra-wide-angle lens for picture-perfect shots.

Solang Valley

Solang valley is the best place to capture the images of emotions like excitement, thrill as well as fear. The home to all the daredevil adrenaline-pumping activities invites you to click some great pictures in the snow. You can show off your skiing skills or capture a few shots of some professional skiers here easily. Do not forget to carry your short telephoto lenses to capture great portrait shots here.

Kothi Village

Kothi village is a small locality only a few kilometers away from Manali. This place feels stuck in time. This place is perfect to capture some pictures that depict the contrast between the modern yet busy and monotonous city life, and the rural yet simple and peaceful life. The bright colours and the lush green environment make a perfect portrait that comes together as one fine piece of art.

Beas River

At Beas river, you can capture some great memories of families and friends enjoying the river rafting experience. You must carry your go pro camera to capture some surreal first-person shots while river rafting with your friends. You can also carry your wide-angle lens to capture the green landscape around the beautiful Beas river.

You must harness the full potential of your youth to travel and explore the wilderness around you in Manali. You can be yourself in the woods and let go for a while because you don’t have to take care of any other person around. Enjoy these places as part of your Manali tour package when you plan on taking your camera with you.

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