Miraculous Effect of Ceylon Loose Leaf Tea

The story of tea leaves goes like this that a sample of tea leaves was sent to a coffee merchant Thomas Sullivan by a Chinese tea exporter in a small silk bag. Unaware of the process of preparing the tea, the silk tea bag was put directly into boiling water.

Thus history says that in 1904 Sullivan got the idea to become tea and coffee merchant by using this tea bag technique. When he told people about this new style of making tea, they laughed at him. Then a tea shredder was invented by a Chinese which gave the idea of placing the tea dust in a bag.

Now a day’s organic teas and a lot of other choices of tea are available on the shelves with different aromas and flavours.Currently, about 5,000 different types of teas are available around the world. Tea comes from a single plant Camellia Sinensis, but there are several varieties of plant families which depend on the weather and environment which gives different flavours.

The different climatic conditions of the places like China, Japan, Taiwan or India all add to a different experience while having a cup of tea. When using loose tea leaf we add an additional option of the plant in our intake of daily food. Medical and scientific research suggests us to drink tea for good health.

But, it also says that some important components present in the tea are not soluble in water so ingestion leaves give more benefits. The actual leaf of some tea like Sacha or Matcha slips into the cup.

As in Japan after they have enjoyed the brew, they eat very fine fresh Shincha (first harvest sencha) or Gyokura (shaded green tea) leaves. The brewed leaf can be eaten as a small salad or a little dressing on rice dish.

These leaves are full of protein, vitamin A, vitamin E and also taste delicious

Loose leaf tea can be re- infusion many times if it’s if a good quality.Loose leaf tea of high quality can be re-infused from 5-6 times,  with Puerh or oolongs it gives 10- 12 infusions on one serving.

This helps in making the cost of premium loose leaf tea less expensive per serving. Tea bags are more expensive than loose tea. There is more package price for tea bags than loose tea and that makes the price higher for tea bags.

Used Tea leaves can be used for many more other purposes: –

In the kitchen: – Use used tea leaves to clean frying pans, cutting boards or utensils. To make your hand feel soft and remove onion odor, rub used tea leaves between your hands. Used tea leaves can be placed in the refrigerator for the fresh smell.

  • Prevents rust: – Green tea contains tannin, which when reacts with iron removes rust. So tea leaves also help to remove rust from iron pans and kettles.
  • Clean your house: – To clean oil from the hard surface simply spread used tea leaves on the floor and sweep clean. Wooden furniture can also be polished with a rag of tightly tied tea leaves.
  • Keeps shoes fresh: – To get relief from smelly shoes, roast dry tea leaves and put them in a clean old sock, and place it in your shoe closet.
  • Use in the garden: – Used tea leaves when used as compost, helps the plant to bloom longer and gives nourishment to the plant, especially roses.

Thus, the Ceylon Loose Leaf Tea leaves give us lots of benefits from its birth until the end. It is a plant that is very useful in our everyday life.

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