Festival of Peace and Joy

Several weeks before Christmas people start preparing for this grand festival. By sending Christmas quotes to each other they express their happiness for Christmas festival.  For the Christian community, this festival is the biggest festival so every year they celebrate this festival with grand celebrations. All across the world people celebrate and enjoy the festival of Christmas which falls on 25th of December of every year. Do you know why Christmas festival is so famous for the Christian People and others as well?

Well, people believed that year ago on this day Lord Jesus was born to Mother Mary and father Joseph. Lord Jesus was born to spread the message of love and humanity among the people. To celebrate the birth of Lord Jesus people celebrate the Christmas

On the occasion of Christmas people clean their houses and then at the day of Christmas people decorate their houses with electric lights. On this special day churches across all over the world is being cleaned by the staff of the church. They whitewash the church and clean each and everything of the church and decorate the church with lights, flowers new Photo Frames of Jesus Christ and mother Mary. They also decorate the Christmas tree with small decorative things like small’s balls, paper stars, lights etc.

People go to markets, visits streets and buy new clothes to wear to this festival. Many shopkeepers decorate their shops with lights and attract the customers by offering discounts to them on most of their products.  You will see the different types of activities in the market, people play games and attract entertain people.

This is also the time of the year when people take a break from their work for a week and enjoy with their family and friends. Do get together parties together and have together.

This festival is not only celebrated abroad but it’s also celebrated in India and only by the Christians but every community. At the midnight of 24th December people go to church and sing Christmas carols together and pray in front Jesus Christ statue and the next day in the evening people lighten up the candles and ask for forgiveness for their sins.

People prepare dinner at home and after having dinner they exchange gifts with each other. Elders in the home distribute candies and chocolates to the children of the home. Together they dance and sing the Christmas carols and by doing this person create the Christmas memories, so they can recall until next Christmas.

Merry Christmas Shayari

Apki Ankhon Mein Saje Ho Jo Bhi Sapne Aur Dil Mein Chupi Ho Jo Bhi Abhilashaye Yeh Christmas Ka Parv Unhein Sach Kr Jaye Aap ke Liye Hai Hamari Yahi Shubhkamnaye..!!! Merry Christmas….!!!

“May the good times and treasures of the present become the golden memories of tomorrow. Wish you lots of love, joy, and happiness. MERRY CHRISTMAS”

“Faith makes all things possible, Hope makes all things work, Love makes all things beautiful, May you have all the three for this Christmas. MERRY CHRISTMAS!”

How Sales Management Software Can Improve Upselling Opportunities

Are you interested in improving the way you upsell to your existing customer base, but have no idea how to get it done? When a company has a good grasp of using their sales management software then they surely have more upselling opportunities than the company that doesn’t use it.

Upselling is the process of advertising an upgraded product version the customermight be interested in, or a complimentaryservice. For instance, if a customer is interested in buyinga laptop, then you try to upsell a version of the laptop with a faster processor.

The process of upselling is important as it maximizes the revenue generated from each customer, and that’s smart business. It’s a lot easier to make the most of a customer that’s already looking to buy something than to generate new leads.

How sales management software improves upselling

When a buyer selects a product,a cloud CRM software could offer similar products to facilitate and speed up the buying process. Furthermore,with such kind of a software, the revenue increases significantly as much more products are soldin just one transaction.

The role of a CRM software is to accurately figure out what the related products are. After all, if the suggested productshave nothing to do with the productchosen by the customer then he/she will simply ignore them and feel frustrated that odd products are advertised. Industry leaders like bpm’online have fine-tuned the upselling algorithms in their system to work as accurately as bpm’online’s customers expect.

Upsell after the initial sale

You shouldn’t upsell anything before a potential customer makes the first transaction, but you should do it after the first purchase for the entire time that you have the client in your database. As soon as the customer leaves the checkout, you can offer the list of complimentary products, for example via newsletters related to the buying/browsing patterns of the prospect. Powerful software, such as the bpm’online CRM system, is able to create good quality follow-up after the first sale was made.

For instance, cloud CRM software can track how long it takes for the customer to use some particular product, such as a set of razor blades for shaving. It can guestimate when the customer is about to run out of those razor blades and send an email offering to order another one.

Increase frequency of sales

Cloud CRM software can help improve the frequency with which a customermakes purchases by simply sending upsell offers on a more frequent basis. It might sound like an obvious point to make, but a number of companies are shooting themselves in the foot by only sending offers on a monthly basis, and then wondering why the sales are so far apart.

By increasing the amount of upselling emails to at least a few times per week you have a higher chance of ensuring regular purchases from a single buyer.


Sales management software such as the bpm’online CRM system can enhanceupselling effectiveness and automate it to improve the bottom line for your business. The intelligent software can figure out what else the customer might be interested in and send targeted offers on a regular basis.

The success of an upselling strategy depends on how well the products are matched to the browsing and buying patterns of the customer, and how often marketing messages are sent to their inbox.

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Cloud CRM software can be used to successfully upsell your products to customers to increase revenue. Closely related products and frequent contact is the key to upselling.